CARGO Rockwall – June Meeting

Next CARGO Rockwall Meeting June 13, 6 – 7 PM, Soulman’s Bar-B-Que in Rockwall

Zac Sterling and Jack Sukenik, two outstanding CHL instructors, will be your hosts.

Come a little before 6 to go through the serving line and to find the best seat in the house. Find our group in the meeting room.

Recently, VP Joe Biden had this suggestion for “safer bullets”.


When a child suggested guns that shoot chocolate, VP Biden responded,I really like your idea. If we had guns that shot chocolate, not only would our country be safer, it would be happier. People love chocolate.

Let’s go back a few years when Surgeon General Jocelyn Elders suggested something similar. Her “gun safety” plan includes:

  1. Keeping our guns out of the hands of children” (I prefer putting guns into the hands of children trained to use them)
  2. We can make safer weapons” (No, she actually said this)
  3. We can make safer bullets” (Stop laughing. She actually said this, too)
  4. We can teach our parents on how to deal with their children” (It takes a village, does it?)
  5. And, like we require a car license, we can require a license to carry a gun.” (At this point she shreds federalism to bits – Gun licensing is not a power given to federal government)

See this humorous video from Rush Limbaugh. (Her ‘safer weapons’ remark starts at about 1:50)

Our June 13 CARGO Rockwall Meeting focuses on two topics

1- Recap the gun laws passed, or not passed, in this year’s legislative session.
2- Self-defense ammunition – overview, caliber choices, technological improvements, etc.

Questions or comments?

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Texas: the last bastion of American freedoms

The Rule of Law v. Democracy – Liberty in the Balance

The Rule of Law is the very foundation of a republic. Article 4, Sectionrule-of-law 4 of the Constitution prescribes and mandates (orders) republican government for all states and U.S. territories. One enumerated power of the federal government is to guarantee the survival of republican government in the states.

The Rule of Law restrains government, not the individual, and is absolutely essential to the preservation of liberty.

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.” — U.S. Constitution, Article 4, Section 4

“[W]here there is no law, there is no liberty; and nothing deserves the name of law but that which is certain and universal in its operation upon all the members of the community.” — Benjamin Rush, Letter to David Ramsay, 1788

Never was our nation a democracy. In fact, the words ‘democrat’, ‘democracy’ and ‘democratic’ do not appear in either the Declaration of Independence or the U.S. Constitution.

A true democracy can best be compared to “mob rule”, the tyranny of the majority.

Only a republican form of government can support liberty and equality of citizens.

How often do you read and study the founding documents? Read them online:

U.S. Constitution

Declaration of Independence

Federalist Papers


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Texas: the last bastion of American freedoms

Politicians Win at the Ballot Box – Voters Win Through Exercising Curiosity

23 May 2013 vote-badge

Elections matter. Some choose to not vote, when the candidates don’t perfectly align with their personal wishes. Altogether too many of our fellow citizens don’t bother to learn about the candidates, their track records and values.

Let’s consider an America where we can no longer vote. Have you read the news lately? It is the twin tyrannies of big government and democracy that will forever destroy our great republic.

“Honor, justice, and humanity, forbid us tamely to surrender that freedom which we received from our gallant ancestors, and which our innocent posterity have a right to receive from us. We cannot endure the infamy and guilt of resigning succeeding generations to that wretchedness which inevitably awaits them if we basely entail hereditary bondage on them.” — Thomas Jefferson (1775)

Solely through personal initiative do voters become truly informed. Independent news sources, voting records and public meetings are the means by which one becomes informed.

“Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. —  Martin Luther King Jr., Republican

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Texas: the last bastion of American freedoms

Texas Not So Pro-Second Amendment? Call Your Senator

Word out of Austin this morning is Campus Carry “is in trouble”.

Earlier this month, the Texas House approved a campus carry bill that was sent to the senate. HB 972 will now be decided by a handful of Texas Senators.

Across the nation, 29 campuses of colleges and universities already allow concealed carry of firearms by licensed faculty and students. Just this spring, Liberty University’s board voted to allow concealed carry throughout it’s vast campus. In fact, Liberty began allowing concealed carry over 2 1/2 years ago in select areas and there have been no incidents or problems.

Why would Liberty University eagerly welcome gun-toting students on the campus of the largest student body in the United States of America?

Let’s look back to the Virginia Tech massacre. Remember? Liberty and Virginia Tech are in the same state. Liberty knows that so-called “gun free zones” like Tech openly invite murder and mayhem.

Read from The Liberty Champion: New Policy Allows Permitted Students to Posses Weapons On Campus

Why should we wait for a massacre on one our Texas campuses before we empower student bodies to defend themselves from wanton mass murder?

Contact your state senator – my SD-2 senator is Sen. Bob Deuell. Urge them to support Campus Carry.

Those that would be eligible to carry on campus are CHL holders, 21 + year-old adults
Those that would be eligible to carry on campus are CHL holders, 21 + year-old adults

Kevin P. Eltife (512) 463-0101
Robert Deuell (512) 463-0102
Robert Nichols (512) 463-0103
Tommy Williams (512) 463-0104
Charles Schwertner (512) 463-0105
Sylvia Garcia (512) 463-0106)
Dan Patrick (512) 463-0107
Ken Paxton (512) 463-0108
Kelly Hancock (512) 463-0109
Wendy Davis (512) 463-0110
Larry Taylor (512) 463-0111
Jane Nelson (512) 463-0112
Rodney Ellis (512) 463-0113
Kirk Watson (512) 463-0114
John Whitmire (512) 463-0115
John Carona (512) 463-0116
Joan Huffman (512) 463-0117
Glenn Hegar (512) 463-0118
Carlos Uresti (512) 463-0119
Judith Zaffirini (512) 463-0121
Brian Birdwell (512) 463-0122
Royce West (512) 463-0123
Troy Fraser (512) 463-0124
Donna Campbell (512) 463-0125
Leticia Van de Putte (512) 463-0126
Eddie Lucio Jr. (512) 463-0127
Robert Duncan (512) 463-0128
Jose R. Rodriguez (512) 463-0129
Juan Hinojosa (512) 463-0120
Craig L. Estes (512) 463-0130
Kel Seliger (512) 463-0131

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Texas: the last bastion of American freedoms

Global Warming, Leftist Politics and Those Damnable Facts

Wednesday 22 May 2013

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste….It’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” — Rahm Emanuel, ally of Barack Hussein Obama

Survivors of a tornado of historic intensity haven’t yet opportunity for the first funeral and leftists like Barbara Boxer come out slugging, blaming recent violent weather on anthropogenic ‘global warming’. True, these same shameless leftists no longer call their cause celebre ‘global warming’, opting instead for ‘climate change‘.

If not already apparent to the most casual observer with common sense, I think it my duty to explain that leftists’ agenda isn’t climate improvement. Nor, is it storm prevention. Two laughably foolish and impossible tasks; impossible for mere mortals, that is. Their goal is control – absolute and irrevocable control of every aspect of our daily lives. Michael Bloomberg’s overreaching acts to ban soda pop, firearms and a plethora of other features of New York City daily life, confirm what the left has in its sights.

Here in 2013, the left attributes weather phenomena to anthropogenic global warming or anthropogenic climate change. There presumed evidence? Gradual global warming. However, the fact is the warming trend stalled years ago and unbiased, genuine scientists predict we are moving back into a prolonged ice age.

For the record and for you edification, back in 1975, when the was a similar outbreak of tornadoes, the leftists blamed that on anthropogenic global cooling.

“Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclination, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” — John Adams

Support H.R. 1990 the ‘Keep the IRS Off Your Health Care Act of 2013’

Monday, May 20, 2013

Hon. Kenny Marchant Texas CD-24
Hon. Kenny Marchant
Texas CD-24


Let’s stand behind H.R. 1990, the ‘Keep the IRS Off Your Health Care Act of 2013’ co-sponsored by Kenny Marchant. This bill would prohibit the Internal Revenue Service from implementing or enforcing any provisions of Obamacare.

Congressman Kenny Marchant (TX CD-24) says, “When it comes to an individual’s personal health care decisions, no American should be required to answer to the IRS.”

Please contact your U.S. Representatives today and ask them to support H.R. 1990.

Keep track of this legislation via CONGRESS.GOV