After Europe, You’re Up

A U.S. honor student was arrested for an explosive experiment. A reading of the various stories indicate to me no malicious intent, just a youthful blunder never to be repeated. If anything, she could be a poster child for laboratory safety.

Meanwhile, over on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Europe is the poster child of Keynesianism. Around the Mediterranean Sea, all those nations ran up massive debt, “betting on the come” so to speak, while their respective economies were booming. Now it’s time to pay the bills. They can’t.

A deep, dark depression, excessive misery pervades those over-optimistic countries. Yes, they are in deep depression and the depression is getting deeper.

Back in the States, Congress and our president of dubious birthright continue to spend like bankrupt-monopolymad men  amassing astronomical debt that our children, grandchildren and succeeding generations will never be able to repay.

What will happen to Europe will happen before it happens to us. One-world government, perhaps? Another “Hitler” or another “Mussolini” arises to be their “savior”? I don’t know. Regardless the outcome, it cannot be good.

Tell your Congressional delegation, particularly your U.S. Representative to cut taxes and cut spending. Cutting taxes leaves capital in the hands of the people where jobs can be created. Cutting spending allows a shift of federal funds from growing government to shrinking national debt.

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