Federal Indebtedness Future Shock – Rockwall ISD at Risk

Is it even possible to reduce federal indebtedness?

Economist Dean Baker explains the risk of running such a large deficit: “The debt limit must be increased at regular intervals in order to allow the government to function normally because the government is currently operating at a deficit. If the debt limit is not passed,

Click on image for real time debt
Click on image for real time debt

then at some point the government will not be able to pay workers and contractors. It won’t be able to send out Social Security checks or make payments for Medicaid and unemployment insurance to state governments. And, it will not be able to make interest payments on government bonds, effectively defaulting on the national debt.”

Transition to local government indebtedness: School District

Do we not see a familiar pattern, with respect to municipal and school district finances?

Here in Rockwall, our school district’s debt service is just over 25% of gross revenue. logo-rockwall-isdApproximately half of all expenditures go to non-teaching expenses. In other words, only half of gross revenue directly goes to benefit our children.

We have two new trustees, Jon Bailey and Jim White, who won elections yesterday, May 11, 2013. These are ‘home-grown’ products of this district with vested interest in long-term success of the district.

The “One Issue” crowd made a lot of noise. They sent out a lot of emotional emails. I refused to join the cacophony of willingly ignorant banter, choosing instead to lean on research and reason. Willingly ignorant? Isn’t that a little strong? Yes and yes.

There were attempts to reason. For example, in one situation, a friend of many years responded to my presentation of facts, “I don’t care.” So, yes and yes.

I thank God our little county of Rockwall remains an island of reason. But for how long fiscally sound?

What do I ask of my Rockwall ISD School Trustees? These are my personal desires; I hope others share them.

  • Fiscal responsibility for future taxpayers who will be paying down debt long after my passing.
  • Accountability to taxpayers and parents who will require of the Trustees wisdom and piety.
  • Bold faith. Most, if not all, RISD Trustees are believers in Jesus Christ, faithful to their respective congregations. It is my hope and my prayer they will not be intimidated by the likes of the God haters, but, instead, will be bold in their faith, depending on the great I Am, through agency of His Holy Spirit and in the authority of the name of Jesus Christ to uphold the principles of our Founding Fathers, acting as reliable stewards of their legacy.

The above of necessity can only become so if taxpayers and parents themselves accept personal responsibility for the acts of their children.

It is my prayer also that the Holy Spirit of God will embolden teaching and administrative staff to exercise authority. Maintenance of good order depends on mutual respect between students, parents and school staff members. It is also my prayer that parents assume responsibility for the character and behavior of their children. One works not without the other.

What can you as a taxpayer and/or parent do to further mutual respect between you and the teachers of your children? Choose to not be willingly ignorant, blown about by every wind of rumor and innuendo.

LEARN about your RISD school budget:


Discover what CSCOPE really is:

Public website for CSCOPE


RISD School Board of Trustees: Learn who they are, view videos of meetings and read minutes of meetings – communicate with them, assuming n-o-t-h-i-n-g! 

Rockwall ISD Board of Trustees

Use their direct email addresses to contact them (website will be soon updated).

Fiscal Challenges Come With Vengeance

Wise and experienced persons who view the future in context with the past foresee a day of reckoning when interest rates bloom like wildfire, stock markets retreat and the U.S. economy goes through what some call “the next great depression”.

Around Texas, in fact right around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, small school districts overextended themselves to build elaborate physical plants to attract newcomers: “build it and they will come”. They built and they left as our local economy shrank. One such small district even retired janitors and maintenance personnel while keeping their “IT Specialist”.

Let’s encourage our trustees to wisely consider future economic uncertainties in order to best chart a course forward.

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