Is Your Pastor On The List?

Who were on Britain’s Enemies List during the American Revolution? Pastors who were true leaders, bold in their faith and willing to lay down their lives for the cause of liberty.

Those revolutionary war pastors were known as “The Black Robed Regiment” and they were number one on the “most wanted” list. Many paid a terrible price for the cause and they shall forever be known for their valiant sacrifices that paid off for you and me today.

Where is the Black Robed Regiment today? Have they left the country or are they merely in hiding? The latter, to be sure.

One of the greatest scandals of all time, one greater than IRS-gate and Benghazi-gate is ‘Cowardly Pastor-gate’.

For the most part, pastors hide behind their IRS 502(c)(3) tax-exempt status as excuse for their silence on matters of great importance.

It is with great pleasure I publicly honor at least four national spiritual giants who fearlessly and publicly stand against evil: Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel, Pastor Robert Morris of Gateway Church (my congregation), Pastor Robert Jeffress of Dallas First Baptist Church and Rev. Billy Graham.

If your pastor would qualify for the Black Robed Regiment, I invite you to spotlight them via comment below.

Millions of souls across the globe have come to faith in Jesus Christ through the My Hope project of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

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