Texas Campus Carry HB-972 – Legislators Need To Hear From You

Attention: Texas CHL Holders – HB-972 Campus Carry is in trouble and needs your support. concealed-carry

Here is the text of my email to all affected committee members. Write your own or use some of this text:

Honorable senators:

I urge you to restore language in HB 972 that requires colleges and universities to allow concealed carry.

In every instance, mass murder, grievous bloodshed at the hands of madmen, happen in so-called “gun free zones”.

While individually one or more of you may debate the appropriate age for a young adult to be responsible enough to bear arms, I can attest to the fact that training is the qualifier, not age.

My mom bought me my first firearm just after my seventh birthday. It was a JC Higgins .22 bolt-action rifle that I have owned now over 58 years without ever endangering anyone. A few years ago, it became the property of my youngest son, now 38 years of age.

There are law enforcement officers bearing loaded side arms on or near educational facilities each and every day.

The minimum age for policeman in the City of Dallas is 19½ years, for example. A young Dallas policeman can carry a loaded handgun onto an educational facility and you would feel okay about that.

Texas CHL holders are 21 years of age and older.

I suppose the obvious question is this: Why would you be okay with a 19½ year old policeman or policewoman carrying a loaded weapon onto a campus, but you would object to an older man or woman trained, tested and certified by the State of Texas and at least 21 years of age, a CHL holder, carrying a concealed weapon?

I encourage you to avoid diluting this bill. Let’s use common sense and restore the language.

Thank you,

Your Name
Your Street Address
Your City, State and Zip Code

Send your emails to the following as one message, many recipients.

Sen. Joan Huffman (R)
(512) 463-0117

Sen. John Carona (R)
(512) 463-0116

Sen. Juan Hinojosa (D)
(512) 463-0120

Sen. Dan Patrick (R)
(512) 463-0107

Sen. José R. Rodríguez (D)
(512) 463-0129

Sen. Charles Schwertner (R)
(512) 463-0105

I included my SD-2 Senator Bob Deuell

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2 thoughts on “Texas Campus Carry HB-972 – Legislators Need To Hear From You

  1. Is it not true that a police “Candidate” may be employed by the DPD, however, remain unlicensed until the age of 21? At which time the candidate is placed in the agency’s FTO (Field Training Officer) program, which is most cases is 17 weeks long… I totally agree with this post, just wanting clarification as not to mislead or be mislead. Thank you.

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