OPEC, Obama & Revival – Fourth Great Awakening

What has OPEC shaking in its steel-toed boots? Shale oil production here in the Land of the Free.

Click on image for larger size
Click on image for larger size

It’s not difficult to understand why this president would oppose domestic oil production. His opposition to the Keystone Pipeline project is likewise understandable: U.S. domestic oil production threatens economic stability among his allies, members of OPEC, more specifically, his Saudi benefactors. In general, OPEC nations require at least $90/bbl to break even. U.S. shale oil can undersell OPEC. See chart from Business Insider.

Click on image for full size
Click on image for full size

That awful lie about “Global Warming” failed in light of genuine science and logic. He and his fellows switched to “Climate Change”. May I ask you, when has the earth’s climate ever remained unchanged? Hint: the Great Lakes, Grand Canyon, Mount Pinatubo, fossils, etc. – all are solid records of an ever changing climate.

His first agenda item was connecting with his new Muslim global political constituency. As revealed in the book by Dinesh D’Souza, Obama is an anti-colonialist and he wishes to bring America down to third-world standards. By the way, he has thus far enjoyed great success to this end.

U.S. shale oil and gas have shaken OPEC member nations. They have lived large on inflated oil prices for many years and now circumstances are such as to drive them back to the days before ARAMCO struck oil in Saudi Arabia.

We all enjoy clean air, green fields and forests and clean water. If you don’t know, this is the only nation on the face of the earth where you can safely drink from a public water fountain without becoming ill. However, the “green” agenda, the Lacey Act and numerous and sundry environmental laws and regulations stand between us and our traditional freedoms.

The agenda behind Obama’s actions is to place us under control of the U.N. He has been progressively moving us that way. Fortunately, we have yet a little time to turn things around. “Little” is the operative term.

It will take more than a “new and improved Republican Party” to save this ship of state. It will take a miracle of God. 

The bad news is we are coming to a very bad time in our history where government is found to be bankrupt, kaput. Persecution of Christians emerges, along with renewed anti-semitism. A movement within this Justice Department declares unlawful any derogatory statement against Islam, while ignoring anti-Christian actions by atheists and Muslims.

What’s the good news? There is a Living God, Creator of the Universe, who loves us and wants to heal our land. 

Three Great Awakenings have swept this continent and a fourth waits in the wings. How will you recognize its onset? Very probably, you will see formerly cowardly pastors openly begin to speak truth, to stand for good and against evil.


The Bible says that God never does anything without first revealing his plans to His prophets.

Remember what I said about our needing a miracle? Miracles don’t happen because you NEED them; they happen when you EXPECT them.

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