ACLU Racist Claims Against Rockwall County Without Merit

ACLU Wrong on Rockwall

The ACLU accuses Rockwall County of ‘racial profiling’, listing us seventh on their racial ‘witch hunt’ list. In an article in our local Rockwall County Herald Banner, the ACLU report decries  “the aggressive policing of marijuana” as “time-consuming, costly, racially-biased” and unworkable. Read the full story via link below – click on

County pinged by ACLU for “racially-biased” drug enforcement – by Cliff Gibson, Herald-Banner Staff

I suggest two points to consider.

Point Number 1

It’s the ACLU that demonstrates racism. The highest on their list is Van Zandt County at 34.7%, a ranking of 7 Texas counties with Rockwall at 6.1%. Obviously, the ACLU has assigned its own standard. Why is 6.1% bad and 6.0% good? What I posit is simply this: does the ACLU label Rockwall County “racist” because we are seventh on their list? Why not take it all the way to those counties where the arrest record is 2% or even less? My opinion is the ACLU is attempting to smear Rockwall County solely on the basis of a meaningless statistic. The fact that organization did not interview our local law enforcement agencies is evidence of ignorant bias.

Point Number 2

Incarceration seems to be the “magic elixir” expected to cure all society’s ills. To support this statement, I point to global statistics. While we have only 5% of the world’s population, we have 25% of the world’s prisoners. How is this working for us?
Experts who study the effects of incarceration of nonviolent law breakers say jails and prisons have become educational centers where petty criminals learn from the masters. As further evidence, let’s consider recidivism: the Pew Center on the States report titled “State of Recidivism – The Revolving Door of America’s Prisons.

According to the survey results, 45.4 percent of people released from prison in 1999 and 43.3 percent of those sent home in 2004 were reincarcerated within three years, either for committing a new crime or for violating conditions governing their release.


I personally know and frequently communicate with leading law enforcement officers in my county of Rockwall. Doing so isn’t a herculean task. Ours is the smallest of 254 Texas counties, only about 144 total square miles. Our Rockwall County Sheriff and the chiefs of police I know are not racist. They are patriots who fervently believe in and support the Constitution and our natural rights.

Arrest records are skewed by the fact of Interstate Highway 30, the drug corridor between Mexico and New York City. Drug enforcement officers have described to me the flow of money and illegal drugs through our fair city: eastbound is the ‘drug side’; westbound is the ‘money side’.

Exponentially more people drive through Rockwall County than live here every day of the year.

I agree we incarcerate far too many people who would otherwise be effectively disciplined through probation that entails accountability and education. Faith-based organizations like Care Center Ministries in Mesquite, Texas are tremendously successful in the rehabilitation of offenders.

Care Center Ministries RACE Program for men with life-controlling problems
Care Center Ministries
RACE Program for men with life-controlling problems

Incarceration for minor drug offences often means bankruptcy for the family, loss of a parent from the lives of growing children and a very heavy economic burden on the community.

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3 thoughts on “ACLU Racist Claims Against Rockwall County Without Merit

  1. Since a large proportion of those incarcerated are

    in because of minor drug violations, perhaps it is time

    to reassess this costly, unwinnable war on drugs and

    start talking about legalizing the personal use of MJ.

    1. I personally haven’t an educated opinion on the legalization of marijuana. However, the numbers speak for themselves.

      Incarceration of persons as the means to punish minor offenses isn’t working. The prison-building industry and prison-worker lobbies exacerbate the problem.

    2. Who profits from the “war on drugs”?

      Private prison corporations
      Drug cartels

      Who suffers from the “war on drugs”?

      Primarily poor people, most of whom are black
      Society as a whole due to crime and violence created by the black market that the “war” creates.

      Until the people rise up and demand a government that protects individual rights, the powerful will continue to dominate the powerless. We have reached that point. We must put aside our differences and unite around the principles that our country was founded, specifically that all men are created equal, with the individual right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

      The drug war is a tool of the establishment, it is used to divide us. The other current “wars” are being used in the same way. The “war on women” the “war on terror”, etc. The vast majority of women do not support late term abortions. Yet, we have a media that is trying to push this narrative. When people have a choice, they choose LIFE. With the “war on terror” our government funds and supports terrorists, then they ask for more money from us to defend against them. Of course the mainstream media pushes their narrative. Who are the terrorists?

      Our government is out of control. We must take a stand and work to drastically reduce the size and influence of government from the local to the federal level. It is not too late.

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