Katrina Deaux – Gun Confiscation During Flood Across Our Northern Border

RCMP Forcing Their Way Into Private Homes to Search for And Confiscate Lawful Firearms
RCMP Forcing Their Way Into Private Homes to Search for And Confiscate Lawful Firearms

Amidst massive flooding, police evacuate residents then force their way into private homes to confiscate privately owned – legally owned – firearms.

No, this is NOT a story about post-Katrina New Orleans. This is a story about an abuse of police powers in High River area of Alberta, Canada.

As flood waters began to rise, the RCMP ordered evacuation. As citizens left their homes behind, Mounties set up a perimeter around the area to prevent looting and errant entry into a dangerous situation.

With citizens away and that secure perimeter in place, RCMP officers went about breaking into private homes to seize firearms, wholly contrary to Canadian law.

Read more about this story from The Blaze: http://bit.ly/12vsmj3

Abuse of police powers is becoming endemic in western societies around the world. Why? I don’t know that I can definitively answer that, but it is my sense that there is growing mutual mistrust and disrespect between law enforcement and citizens.

One goal of CARGO Rockwall Gun Club is to foster civil, respectful relations between our local law enforcement agencies and our citizens. Want to know more? Send an email to CARGO.Rockwall@gmail.com. We’ll add you to our monthly newsletter to advise you on our club meetings and relevant matters.

We in Rockwall are blessed with law enforcement personnel who are known to restrain themselves from violation of Constitutionally-guaranteed natural rights.

There are exceptions, to be sure. In fact this writer was on he receiving end of abuse of authority some years ago. At the time, I wrote a letter to the chief of police. Sadly, our Rockwall Chief of Police at that time ignored my complaint about an abusive officer who pulled his gun on me, attempting to intimidate me into allowing him to search my place of business. I stood behind the Fourth Amendment and he eventually went away. Yes, this incident was witnessed by his fellow officers and, yes, he is still on the force.

What would I do differently? If today I would experience a similar abuse of police power, there are definitely steps I would take.

First of all, don’t get into a “pissing contest” with a policeman. You will lose every time. Leave all misdeeds to the policeman. That way when you have your day in court, the jury will have a very clear picture of the circumstances.

Second, hire a good lawyer to do your talking. Lawyers are your advocates – “one who pleads on behalf of another”.

Third, be intentional to cause pain – not physical pain, but FISCAL and REPUTATIONAL pain. A municipal government may be indifferent to complaints against their law enforcement team. They will take great interest in what his or her misbehavior will cost, in terms of dollars and negative publicity.

Join us every Second Thursday evening in the meeting room at Soulman’s Bar-B-Que in Rockwall. Come a little before 6 to go through the line and secure the best seat in the house. We start promptly at 6 and we end promptly at 7. Stay afterward to speak with law enforcement officers, licensed firearms dealers and certified CHL instructors.

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