Open Letter to Senator John Cornyn: Do Not Get Us Involved In Syrian Civil War

1 July 21013

Texas Senator John Cornyn
Texas Senator John Cornyn

Senator John Cornyn
517 Hart Senate Office Bldg.
Washington, DC 20510

Subject: Support for Syrian Rebels


Under no circumstances can we be on the right side by supporting warring Muslim factions. Have we not learned the lessons of Afghanistan and Iraq?

As a refresher, while Soviet forces dominated Afghanistan, we supplied money, weapons and military advisers to Afghan “freedom fighters”. One of those grateful “freedom fighters” was the infamous Osama bin Laden. Where did that get us?

Saddam Hussein was a known tyrant who gassed his own people and ruled Iraq with an iron fist. We liberated Iraq and today, where are we?

I ask that you oppose any and all financial, political or military support to Syrian rebels. Both sides of that conflict are very much like both sides of the pre-Iraq war: anti-Christian, anti-Western Society, anti-Israel.

Read how the friends of John McCain beheaded a Syrian Catholic priest:

McCain’s and Obama’s Syrian Muslim Friends Behead Catholic Priest

Thank you,
A Texas Voter

2 thoughts on “Open Letter to Senator John Cornyn: Do Not Get Us Involved In Syrian Civil War

  1. We cannot take on someone else’s conflict & involve ourselves in wars all over the world & continue to stand as a country. Our own country is under attack with no southern control of our border with millions of illegal aliens living here trying to tengulf our country.

    The costs in benifits will be trillions of dollars we do not have, not to mention the so-called, Obmacare coming on fast. Our appetite for more government has “starved” us to death!

    1. Thanks, Ken. At this moment in time, Obama is doling out billions of dollars to Egyptian Islamists while, due to the sequester, our own soldiers, infantry and Marines have no ammo for practice rounds.

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