Barack Obama, Al Sharpton and the Democrat Party OWN Ongoing Nationwide Race Riots


Mr. Barack Obama: You know George Zimmerman’s name, where he lives and God only knows what other details you have secretly pulled from his files. You also know that Trayvon Martin was nothing but a sweet little boy whom you modeled as your potential son. I know you know these things, because you have made a spectacle of yourself on national TV.

Now, a question. During the 20-day Zimmerman trial four teens and a five-year-old boy were shot to death in your hometown of Chicago. Here’s the question: What are their names, Mr. President? Okay, not all of them, just name ONE of them. What will you say on national TV about black-on-black murder and mayhem in your hometown of Chicago?

I’m listening…………..(crickets)

Your militant pro-abortion communist-leaning racist value system cares not a whit about our children. We are aware of your agenda to disarm Americans and you have said you will use the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman affair as a tool to meet your unconstitutional goals.

Obama and his comrades-in-arms, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, protected by racist Attorney General Eric Holder own the riots happening across the nation. It was you and your cohorts who essentially gave the rioters permission to trash private property and to disobey the law.

Folks, let’s remember in November and vote corrupt Democrats out of office.

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