ACLU Wrong On Zimmerman Trial Verdict

Today the ACLU mailed out invitations to sign a petition to “pass the End Racial Profiling Act and put a stop to racial bias in law enforcement“.

ACLU repeats misleading and inaccurate claims that closely follow Eric Holder’s rants.


For the record, ACLU (Yes, I know you’ll read this.) There was absolutely no evidence of ‘racial profiling’. There was, however, abundant evidence of ‘criminal profiling’. George Zimmerman’s neighborhood had experienced intolerable burglaries and other crimes. It was for this reason Zimmerman and his neighbors formed a neighborhood watch team.

Trayvon Martin aroused suspicion because he was walking between homes on private property, not on public thoroughfares. The evidence trail is profound and so simple to understand, even the ACLU can grasp their meaning.

Three of the jurors were predisposed to vote guilty until, said one juror, “they saw the evidence”. It was the evidence that convinced the jury of George Zimmerman’s innocence.

George’s legal team now pursues a lawsuit against NBC for slanderous unprofessional reporting of this case. He will probably sue the State of Florida where there is only limited sovereign immunity. While he’s at it, he should consider suing the ACLU, Al Sharpton and others who slandered him and disturbed the peace of this nation.

Laura Murphy, Director of ACLU’s Washington Legislative Office “shared” her invitation “as a mother”. I suggest, Ms. Murphy, you share the facts of this case as an objective observer. It would also be helpful, Ms. Murphy, for you to understand Trayvon Martin was not a sweet, innocent little boy. He was a 17 year old man, a thug who attacked George Zimmerman.

Most often, the ACLU “gets it right”. In this case, the ACLU gets it wrong.

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