National Debt – How Big is Big?

National debt at 1440 hours CST, 26 July 2013
National debt at 1440 hours CST, 26 July 2013 – click on image above for up to date numbers.

How can one possibly understand the magnitude of U.S. Treasury Debt?

For some time, I equated seconds of time to dollars, one second equal to one U.S. dollar. Few seem to grasp the meaning of what I was doing.

Now comes a better analogy: distance to the moon.

One U.S. dollar has a thickness of .0043 inches.

The U.S. Dollar Bill Measures .0043 Inches in Thickness
The U.S. Dollar Bill Measures .0043 Inches in Thickness

National debt approaches $16.9 trillion.

If $16.9 trillion dollar bills were stacked one atop another, the stack would go from the surface of the earth to the visible surface of the moon ———– MORE THAN FIVE TIMES. In other words, the distance between the earth and the moon is merely around the height of 3.38 trillion one-dollar bills.

Stated another way, if the stack of $16.9 trillion one-dollar bills were lain across the surface of the earth, the stack would encircle the earth at the equator almost 46 times!

I know, I know. You Democrats will say, “But, Bush…” Stuff it! Okay?

Under control of a Democrat Senate empowered by a whatever-he-is president, more national debt has been accrued under this president’s watch than the sum of ALL national debt accrued under all other presidents from George Washington to George Bush.

Our singularly most dangerous threat comes not from the Middle East. Neither does it emanate from either Beijing or Moscow. Big government is the greatest threat to America today.


Tell your two senators and your congressman to cut spending, reduce taxes and roll back entitlements – PS Social Security isn’t an entitlement – that’s OUR money.

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