The One-Minute Economist – Where Are We Now?

28 July 2013

As of 0823 hours on 28 July 2013 national debt rises over $16.879 trillion. Reference: National Debt Clock

Time As Money

It has been my custom to represent national debt through an analogy of time whereby I equate one second of time to one U.S. dollar. Using this analogy, here’s a snapshot of national debt at this moment in time.

1 Second of Time Represents $1 of Debt
1 Second of Time Represents $1 of Debt

Alpha Centauri, the third brightest star in the sky, lies 4.37 light-years from Earth. If you could accelerate to the speed of light, you could make 61,241 round trips there and back – an impossibility, of course.

Money As Money

Another analogy may further the reader’s understanding of the magnitude of national debt: thickness of a dollar bill to distance covered by a stack of one-dollar bills equal to national debt. Here’s another snapshot of national debt at this moment in time, using the same debt value in the first analogy.

Stack of $1 Bills - Actual Distance
Stack of $1 Bills – Actual Distance

Which of you, even my liberal readers, believes this debt sustainable?

This sitting president who leads-from-behind has accrued more national debt than the sum of all previous presidents from the first George to the last.

Barack Hussein Obama behaves no differently than any other tyrant in history. He ignores the Rule of Law, disregards the Constitution and abrogates his oath of office.

It’s time to impeach Barack Obama before we pass the point of no return!

I know there are Democrats in the House and Senate who know this to be true. To them, I say, “come over to the light“. Most of Texas was Democrat throughout the years of my youth. President Ronald Reagan, Congressman Ralph Hall, Gov. Rick Perry and a host of Texas leaders are former Democrats. Jimmy Carter’s foolishness in office was what did the trick for me.

What happened? Why did they leave the Democrat party? Well, truth be told, they didn’t leave the Democrat party. The Democrat party left them.

This is my message to my conservative Democrat friends: YOUR PARTY HAS LEFT YOU! You are welcome to “come home” to a party who loves America, believes in American exceptionalism and works to preserve the Judeo-Christian values and principles that shaped this the greatest country in the history of the earth.

PS- CBO forecasts “the public debt is scheduled to grow to $19 trillion by 2023, or 73.6 percent of projected GDP — up from 36 percent as recently as the end of 2007. “

Remember in November and vote Republican.

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