Billionaire Bloomberg – Marxism’s Friend

Bloomberg’s “Stop and Frisk” policy wasn’t aimed at wealthier, better-fed New Yorkers, just those pesky blacks and Hispanics who endure significantly higher crime rates in their neighborhoods.

The Declaration of Independence spotlights “unalienable rights” – inalienable the more commonly used variant. Inalienable means “personal freedom that cannot be taken away“.

“Cannot be taken away”, Mr. Bloomberg. Abridgement of the natural, constitutionally-guaranteed rights of one person threatens the natural, constitutionally-guaranteed rights of all persons.

Let’s not fall into the Marxist societal classifications. While true, yes, poverty and crime seem inseparable facts of life, the answer is to alleviating this natural condition whereby wealthier citizens to take ownership of the plight of their poorer fellow citizens. By ownership, I mean to love them, to respect them and to educate them. It’s absolutely amazing how inexpensive it is to reduce crime through community involvement rather than the alternative promoted by billionaire Bloomberg.

Well, Michael Bloomberg will no doubt make his “stop and frisk” more democratic by extending unconstitutional searches to all but the wealthiest of New Yorkers.

bloomberg-modified-stop-and-friskClick on the Above Image to Enlarge It

I add this fact of history to punctuate my thoughts: Not once did Mr. Bloomberg or other New York City elite mayors suggest stopping and frisking wealthy criminals like Bernie Madoff who made off with over $50,000,000. Obviously, no one from the black or Hispanic neighborhoods ever matched the level of Bernie’s crime.

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