Note to Greg Abbott and Eric Holder: End Your Joint Anti-Free Enterprise Assault on American Airlines

August 21, 2013

American-US Airways Pending Merger at Risk

American-US Airways Merger

American Airlines and U.S. Airways have been working toward a merger that seems to make sense to me. American emerges from bankruptcy to re-establish itself as a global leader in air transportation, one of the most competitive businesses in the entire world.

For the record, I flew American and other airlines for several years on business. I remember when the AADVANTAGE program began and I hold one of its lowest numbers. That said, I don’t particularly like American because flying coach is somewhat akin to riding a cattle car. The seats are much too close, done to increase passenger density. Flight attendants aren’t customer-oriented (my opinion that will not change). I actually remember when flying was a pleasant experience. It no longer is. I drive everywhere I can these days. Only trips out of country leave me no alternative but to fly. All this said, back to the topic: free enterprise.

Free Enterprise

I can’t say Greg Abbott’s motivation is the same as Eric Holder’s. However, they say the same thing and appear to be working in concert.

The merger of American and U.S. Airways does not constitute a monopoly. To be sure, they will only make Southwest Airlines more successful, if they merge.

It’s no stretch to imagine why Eric Holder would go after American. It’s headquarters is in Texas. Holder’s actions are understandable, given his predisposition to anti-capitalist, anti-free enterprise thinking.

What the dickens is Abbott’s problem? In a Texas Monthly interview, Greg decried “too much governmental interference with the free enterprise system“. How does he reconcile his publicly stated beliefs and his very public assault on a Texas-based company?

So you know, I’m not anti-Greg Abbott. I am anti-big government.

If you have a good explanation for Abbott’s anti-free enterprise action against American Airlines, please share it with me.

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