Open Letter to Senator John Cornyn – No To War On Syria

3 September 2013

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Honorable Ted Cruz
185 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Subject: War With Syria

I ask you to oppose any and all military attacks on the legitimate government of Syria and the financing thereof.

War hawks like Senators McCain and Graham, along with other well-known persons in government, warn that our national prestige is in jeopardy, if we do not attack the regime of Bashar Assad, a man Secretary John Kerry admired just four years ago.

I firmly believe our national reputation and credibility remains intact, while the president’s reputation and credibility have already disintegrated.

My Reasons for Opposing a Military Attack on Syria

1-We have not been attacked by the Syrian government
2-We have been attacked by the so-called Syrian rebel supporters: al-Qaeda
3-Igniting WW3 is neither in the interests of America nor Israel
4-Growing evidence indicates the so-called Syrian rebels used nerve gas on their own people

If we had justification, our armed forces are not prepared to fight a conventional war with the Syrians, the Russians and the Chinese.

Regardless the use of nerve gas by either side, most likely the rebels, acting as the world’s policeman hasn’t been a very successful role for us.

I implore you to dissuade all Senate Republicans from falling prey to the administration’s ploy to “share the blame” when things go badly, assuming this president moves ahead with is “wag the dog” maneuver for the purpose of distracting my fellow voters from his failed policies and astonishing scandals.

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