Travis County DA – Drunk Drivers and Democrat Justice

It was a drunk driver who hit us head on 56 years ago, leaving my mother with a mangled lower leg. After a delicate operation and many months of hospitalization, she learned to painfully walk with a steel pin in her ankle. Don’t look to me to show mercy toward drunk drivers. That horrific car wreck injured several of my family; I was the second worst injured. Dr. Wilcox had the hospital place me in a bed next to hers, thinking my presence would give her hope to survive her injuries. As traumatic as that drunk-driving incident was for my family, many others suffer worse fates.

Rev. Ernest Jackson Boyett and his wife, Barbara  were travelling eastbound on U.S. 290 in southwestern Travis County when 40-year-old Terri Elmore of Austin crossed over into oncoming traffic where she collided head-on with the pastor and his wife. Elmore, a drunk paramedic whose BAC was .018, more than twice the legal limit, survived and will probably get a light punishment, if any at all. Why? The Travis County DA’s office is in charge of the prosecution.

Texas law enforcement officers arrested 90,066 drunk drivers in 2012. 2013 statistics will probably exceed the previous year. One of the notable persons arrested this year (2013) is Travis County District Attorney Rosemary Lehmberg, shown below in this Travis County Sheriff’s Office video during her booking into jail.

Analysis of a blood sample later showed Lehmberg’s blood alcohol level was .239nearly three times the legal limit for driving.

Travis County DA Rosemary Lehmberg in Court
Travis County DA Rosemary Lehmberg in Court

It’s incomprehensible how the voters of Travis County allow Travis County DA Rose Lehmberg to remain in office. One Travis County resident, Gov. Rick Perry, thought her arrest for DUI should be cause to remove her from office. Where is the outrage among Travis County voters?

Rosemary Lehmberg refuses to resign from her elected office. For the foreseeable future, DUI Rose will be in charge of prosecuting fellow drunk drivers. This is Travis County Justice fully in line with her predecessor Ronnie Earle who viciously used the power of the State to prosecute Tom DeLay, a Sugarland businessman-lawmaker.

Ronnie Earle was the darling of Texas Democrats who mercilessly and needlessly persecuted conservative Texas leaders like Tom DeLay and Kay Bailey Hutchison. Rosemary worked under him and has at least the same scorn for justice as Mr. Earle. Rosemary Lehmberg is the legacy of Ronnie Earle.

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