War on Syria – Smoke Screen for Benghazi Scandal

Barack Obama would launch cruise missiles onto Syrian soil to “surgically” stop the deaths of a few people allegedly killed by nerve gas used by the Assad regime. Meanwhile,Thousands of North Korean prisoners may have died after a notorious prison camp larger than the size of London was closed at the end of last year…

Keeping matters in perspective, the brutal, oppressive, tyrannical dictatorship in North Korea has posed a threat to global peace since an armistice signed in 1953, 60 years.

What has life been like for the people of that country? Cannibalism, enslavement, torture, hunger – you name the horror and North Korean people have experienced it and those atrocious abuses by a brutally tyrannical government and those human rights abuses continue unabated.  

If we are to be the world’s policeman, then let’s be honest and use cruise missiles in “surgical strikes” to defend North Koreans from an oppressive government.  Which atrocity is worse, sarin gas deaths or cannibalism?  Cannibalism is by far more revolting to me than one incidence of use of sarin gas for which use the responsible party is uncertain. This is not to say I endorse the murder of innocent people with nerve gas, but war should always be proportional to the offense.

As Obama pal Rahm Emanuel infamously advised this president, Barack Obama is not going to let a crisis go to waste, even if he has to create a crisis himself.

I understand Secretary of State John Kerry dispatched ambassador Dennis Rodman (pictured below) to North Korea for some one-on-one B-ball with Kim Jong Un.

Ambassador Dennis Rodman Pays Official Visit to North Korea
Ambassador Dennis Rodman Pays Official Visit to North Korea


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