Politics of Coal vs. Science Break – Carbon Dioxide

September 20, 2013

The Science

Defined: noun
(Chemistry / Elements & Compounds) a colourless odourless incombustible gas

CO2 - Essential to all life
CO2 – Essential to all life

present in the atmosphere and formed during respiration, the decomposition and combustion of organic compounds, and in the reaction of acids with carbonates: used in carbonated drinks, fire extinguishers, and as dry ice for refrigeration. Formula: CO2 Also called carbonic-acid gas.

Carbon Dioxide is a NATURALLY OCCURRING chemical compound composed of two oxygen atoms each covalently double bonded to a single carbon atom. Source: TheFreeDictionary.com

The biggest contributor of Carbon Dioxide is natural and not man made. With carbon dioxide, it is important to distinguish between natural and manmade sources. One of the largest sources of atmospheric carbon dioxide is through plant and animal decay as microorganisms break down the dead material, releasing carbon dioxide into the air as part of the process. Other naturally occurring sources include forest fires and volcanoes. This process is called “The Carbon Cycle”. – Source: Answers.com What is the biggest source of carbon dioxide emissions?

The Politics of Carbon Dioxide and Global Warming-cum-Climate Change

What’s the politics good for? Well, it made Al Gore fabulously rich, that’s for sure.

It’s also been a great cause célèbre for ideologues like Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and a host of ill informed radical left Democrats.


Despite all evidence to the contrary, President Obama moves to destroy, dismantle and bury one of our greatest and most plentiful natural energy resources: coal.


Tell Congress to support America’s coal industry and keep America strong. Energy, cheap and abundant, has been the principal foundation of all American industry.


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