Forgiven in Rockwall

September 22, 2013


At the time of this horrific incident pictured above, I was back from assignment aboard the U.S.S. Constellation off the shores of North Vietnam and working in my company’s home plant in Norwalk, Connecticut. Of all my memories of Vietnam, the story of this nine year old girl is one that remains forever with me.

Of all our wars, the Civil War has the distinction as the war that killed more Americans than all others combined. This war freed most of the slaves, but not all. It was the Thirteenth Amendment that ultimately ended all slavery in the U.S.A.

Tragically, there remain legacies of unforgiveness. Millions of black Americans carry on a legacy of hate toward their ancestors’ white masters and millions of white Americans carry on a legacy of hate toward blacks and northerners. In both cases, black and white, there remain people imprisoned by unforgiveness.

There is yet to come a war beyond our imaginations and it may be upon us as soon as 2016. This will indeed be the war to end all wars. So, it is wise and prudent to get our lives in order by following the example of Kim Phuc.

“For if you forgive others their offenses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you” — Matthew 6:14, Complete Jewish Bible

Is there someone against whom you hold unforgiveness? Forgive them and enjoy the liberty of being forgiven.

Forgiven in Rockwall

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2 thoughts on “Forgiven in Rockwall

    1. I have a friend, a black woman from southern Mississippi, who lives nearby. She recounted to me some of her horrific experiences from her childhood.

      During summer visits to Wiggins, Mississippi, my uncle Redge would tell us stories of how blacks who became “uppity” were treated, including lynchings and beatings and more. His stories were so outlandish as to be wholly unbelievable. I couldn’t believe anyone could mistreat another person as he described, but I later learned those outlandish stories were indeed true.

      My aunt confessed to me her revelation after public schools were integrated. Aunt Eva believed the myth of “separate but equal” schools.

      She related to me how for over 20 years she taught kindergarten children to tell time. After integration, her eyes were opened when, as she said, “For the first time in my life I had to explain what a clock is.”

      Only forgiveness can truly liberate American blacks, but we have a government hell-bent on stirring up racial strife, reopening wounds and dividing America.

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