Reality Check, Mr. President!

30 September 2013

What? me worry?
What? Me worry?

Obama, Obama, Obama. What are we going to do with you? You say ObamaCare has nothing to do with the economy. Are you the only living soul on the face of the earth that actually believes that to be true?

You also say raising the debt ceiling doesn’t affect national debt. Where have you been all these past five years? I know, I know. I go on vacation to get away from my business about once a year. But, Mr. President, you really can’t gain understanding around the economy of a nation of 310,000,000 persons while playing innumerable games of golf or holding expensive parties at the White House . At some point, you simply must stop campaigning and talk to real people who genuinely know how economics works.

ObamaCare, your signature legislation, affects every man,

ObamaCare - My Precious!
ObamaCare – My Precious!

woman and child, those in existence today and those yet unborn 100 years from now. Your “precious” is the largest tax increase in the history of our country. It is already having a devastating effect on our people as large companies reduce employee work hours from 40 to 30 hours per week, just to stay in business. Naturally, trying to run a business with an all part-time work force adds hitherto unknown problems to be solved, like continuity and productivity.

You and your Democrats assume everyone needs medical insurance. Well, a lot of people do, but not everyone. Healthy people go all their lives without ever lying on a hospital bed.

And, I ask, how is it a good thing that the new ObamaCare policy holders survive very high deductibles? Their only recourse is to add personal debt.

By the way, in case you don’t remember, Congress has raised the debt ceiling SEVEN TIMES in the last five years to fund your radical socialist agenda, thus adding a burden of an additional $43,000 per household.

You may think you can bully your way, but we are fed up with your egotistical bullying. You, someone who has never met a payroll is an expert on business? You, someone not trained in medicine is an expert now in all things medical? You who never sold a single insurance policy or worked actuaries is now an expert on all things insurance?

We the People DEMAND ObamaCare be defunded before it totally sinks this ship of state.

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