Americans Suffer While Democrats Play a Game of Charade

3 October 2013
Rockwall, Texas

#DemocratShutdown Taunts WW2 Veterans
#DemocratShutdown Taunts WW2 Veterans

This is the nature of contemporary Democrats: Obstructionists, ideologues, ill-tempered bullies.

No better evidence of these characterizations than what Barack Hussein Obama did to WW2 veterans visiting the National WW2 Veterans Memorial.

#DemocratShutdown - Feds threaten WW2 veterans with arrest, but memorial is not funded by federal government
#DemocratShutdown – Feds threaten WW2 veterans with arrest, but memorial is not funded by federal government

For most of them, this will be the last opportunity to see it before dying. These men come in groups from different areas of the country, traveling as part of Honor Flight , a program that enables World War II veterans to partake in an expense-paid trip to view the memorial.

Ian Drake, a WWII veteran told the station. “Eighteen of 100 in my graduating class were lost in World War II, so it’s important for me to show my respect at the memorial.” [Fox News]

According to an article in, the group from Toledo has been threatened with arrest, if they show up.

One group broke down barricades to access the memorial.

According to an article in the Washington Examiner, the feds sent more guards to this event than to Benghazi.

The irony? Federal government doesn’t run this memorial. It’s all done with private money. So, you see, this was an act of spite and disrespect and nothing to do with the limited #DemocratShutdown of federal government. In other words: harassment!

How is it that while there is only money for “essential services”, the national park service had the money to pay people to erect barricades where none existed before?

“If Harry Reid and the president want to keep the parks closed — I mean did you read the story today? Some idiot in government sent goons out there to set up barricades so they couldn’t see the monument. People had to spend hours setting up barricades where there are never barricades to prevent people from seeing the World War II monument because they’re trying to play a charade,” Rand (R-Ky.) said Tuesday on Fox News’s “Hannity.” [Politico]

Democrat behavior warrants the description of “demonic”, or at least “irrational”.

[Learn about signs of demonic possession]

The people who hold control of the “nuclear” button are the same who block dying veterans from seeing their own memorial.

Make no mistake. This #DemocratShutdown is intentional and intended to cause the most pain possible, while Barack Obama and Harry Reid hold vulnerable Americans hostage in order to push their radical left agenda – the Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare – regardless the will of the people.

Contact your Congressional delegation – both U.S. Senators and your Representative – to demand Congress #DefundObamaCare and stop the #DemocratShutdown.

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