Democrats Have a New Weapon – #BarryCades!

#DemocratShutdown spawned several new terms, #BarryCade, for one.

#BarryCade - Public Keep Out
#BarryCade – Public Keep Out

Barack Obama, Senator Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi have been busily constructing #BarryCade after #BarryCade. These interesting devices are barriers to balanced budgets, reduction of national debt, prevention of inflation, gainful employment and cost-effective medical services.

To think all the the marvelous obstacles erected by the Democrats and it’s taken them only 5 years to bring the American economy to the brink of utter collapse.

During this #DemocratShutdown we discover that only 6.6% of all EPA employees are deemed “essential”. Obama has demonstrated (demon-strated?) his cunning by erecting barriers (How about #BarryErs?) to WW2 veterans visiting their PRIVATELY FUNDED memorial and at other sites across the country in order to cause the most pain possible. Speaking of pain, no doubt you know how the Democrats refuse to fund research and treatment of cancer for children.

Republican Representatives are doing all they can to fund critical and essential services to the American people, but Democrats erect #BarryCades at every step.

The one big prize for Democrats is pushing forward ObamaCare (the Affordable Care Act) unwanted and unneeded by a majority of Americans.

Let’s remember in November and rid ourselves of Democrat ideologues in the Senate and House.

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