Defund ‘IT’ or ‘IT’ Will Defund ‘YOU’

October 5, 2013

This president, one Barack Obama, would have the American people believe a lie. He and Senator Harry Reid promote this lie that Republicans are behind the government shutdown.

Fact: Democrats, led by their tyrannical leader Barack Obama, refuse accountability. This #DemocratShutdown is a crisis of their own making.

It has long been the practice – a good business practice – for the United States of America to operate year to year under the constraints of a budget. But, Barack Obama has maintained an ongoing Constitutional crisis by refusing to operate under a budget lawfully crafted in the House, approved by the Senate and signed into law. Instead, this president, using his Democrat Senate majority, has been operating under one continuing resolution (CR) after another.

Following this practice has added over $7 trillion to our national debt. We are rapidly approaching the point of no return where the American economy collapses and tyrants reign.

At the behest of the people, a majority of the American people, Congress is working to defund the Affordable Care Act (aka ObamaCare). It’s what we want.

click on image for larger size
click on image for larger size

Because Barack Obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi don’t understand what the TEA Party movement is, they continue to attack God-fearing, red-blooded Americans who stand for the rule of law and natural rights, as described in the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.

TEA Party patriots are not a separate political party, just as at the time of the Boston TEA Party. We are conservative Americans – mostly Republican, some Democrat and others Libertarian.

Defunding is the tool we have at hand, because, as prescribed in the Constitution,All Bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; but the Senate may propose or concur with Amendments as on other Bills.(Article 1, Section 7).

Encourage your Congressman or Congresswoman to stand firm. Tell them to #DefundIt and to not compromise on this point.

When you contact your representative, please also send the same message to the Office of Speaker Boehner.

We can’t lose if we don’t quit the fight.

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