Russian Toward Oblivion – Putin Corruption in Perspective

November 4, 2013

Garry Kasparov speaking at Stanford University on the present and future of Russia
Garry Kasparov speaking at Stanford University on the present and future of Russia

A summary of contemporary Russia by well known Russian chessmaster and political critic Garry Kasparov:

“I’m often asked to describe Russia today, as if these pictures do not tell the story. Of course it is not simple. But it is not as complicated as Winston Churchill’s famous description of Russia in 1939 as “a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.” I would call Putin’s Russia a mafia, wrapped in an oligarchy, inside the thin, dead shell of a democracy. The democratic elements, the sham elections and puppet courts – the shell – exist only to protect and promote the interests of the oligarchs and the ruling mafia inside it.

Their interests do not include the Russian national interest that concerned Churchill. Putin and his allies’ interest is… interest. Bank interest, preferably Swiss banks. They are not ideologues or imperialists. They want money and the power necessary to get it and keep it. They are not Bond villains, they are mundane crooks. Crooks who just happen to control incredible natural resource riches, a global propaganda network, and a nuclear arsenal.

Putin’s dictatorship is also more subtle and more connected than its predecessors. They fight with banks, not tanks. If you want to understand them, next time you are at the bookstore skip the international affairs and political science sections and pick up some Mario Puzo and his Godfather books. To Putin, loyalty is everything -and loyalty to Putin is the only job qualification that matters when applying for a position at KGB Incorporated. Economically, it’s a perverse combination of Adam Smith and Karl Marx. The expenses are nationalized and the profits are privatized.” Posting on Facebook account of Garry Kasparov

Author Alexander Solzhenitsyn described how communism and the empirical character of the Soviet Union degraded the spiritual and moral health of Russians. He boldly described Lenin as “anti-patriotic”. If alive today, Solzhenitsyn would, without doubt, likewise label Putin “anti-patriotic”.

Under the heavy and corrupt hand of Vladimir Putin Russians have prospered, but they pay an awful price for the prosperity. As the former KGB-controlled society of the USSR failed in abject bankruptcy, modern-day Russia will also miserably fall back into poverty and chaos under the hand of Putin, a former KGB thug.

There was time before communist Russia when that vast landscape was Christian to the core.

Please pray for revival to flow all over Russia, to the glory of God.


I see present day Russian corruption and imminent economic collapse a forerunner of our own country. Turning from the rule of law and embracing crony capitalism – corruption – are a formula for disaster.

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