Virginia Governor’s Race – A Lesson for Republican Texans

November 6, 2013

Why is this man smiling?
Why is this man smiling?

Regarding the Virginia governor race, Democrat Terry McAuliffe did not win. Yes, he got the most votes, but who actually won? Barack Hussein Obama. How so?

Barack Hussein Obama FUNDED fake Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis who garnered 7%. Had he not been in the race to split the conservative vote, Republican Ken Cuccinelli would have won with 52% of votes cast. What happened?

Obama may not be a good man. He most certainly isn’t an honest man. Am I right? You know I am. 29 times he publicly stated “you can keep your insurance“, but now publicly states he never said those words. That, my friends, is a very bold liar.

Obama knows his competition. He knew he could split the Republican vote because he knows there are certain Republicans who want to “punish” their own party for delivering less than perfect (by their standards) candidates. This is the inevitable outcome of a third-party candidacy.

Next comes November 2014 general elections. Here in Texas, Obama and his liberal Democrats have targeted us to turn us “blue”. Despite the fact we have a Republican majority in both houses of our legislature and a Republican governor, there is a real possibility of losing Texas to the radical left. If that happens, Texas will NEVER recover. Instead of the state of Texas, we’ll become the state of Taxes, expanded welfare to rival the national average and we will be relegated to the dust bin of history as the state that ALMOST resisted the un-Godly advance of a raft of evil: atheism, enforced sodomy and genocide-in-the-womb.

Freedom and tyranny are the only two possible outcomes. A divided Republican vote is a surrender to tyranny.

I encourage each and everyone of you to not be deceived into falling into Obama’s traps, particularly a third-party split of Republican votes. I borrow the famous words of warning spoken by Benjamin Franklin.

We must all hang together, or assuredly we shall all hang separately.

The other major factor was a perceived disrespectful comment by the Republican candidate, likening Latinos to rats. [Read about it via this link]

Click on image for photo gallery from WAPO
Click on image for photo gallery from WAPO

Obama and his Democrat strategists will do all they can to turn Latinos against the Republican Party. So, watch your mouth. Think before speaking.

Latinos are Republicans by culture and religion. However, Democrats have successfully captured their votes by portraying Republicans as anti-Latino. I know, I know. This isn’t true, but it’s most certainly a matter of perception that will affect the balance of electoral outcomes in our state.

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