Another Failure, Another Speech – Now What?

November 14, 2014

I would have preferred Obama saving his jokes for the Jay Leno show. One outrageous excuse he offered: government doesn’t do a good job when purchasing high technology. Who are you kidding now, Mr. Obama?

The largest single purchaser of high technology in the world is our federal government. I know. I was employed by a defense contractor in the 70’s.

Government procurement people are professionals who do an amazing job when procuring large, very technical contracts and getting the job done on time. Their history goes back, way back, to the Civil War era.

ObamaCare’s failure isn’t due to a procurement failure; it’s due to a failed ideology championed by the Democrat party.

ObamaCare has screwed up the insurance industry in large and small ways. “Restoring” your original healthcare plan for a year? What kind of nonsense is this that spews from his mouth?

I listened. I waited till his little speech was over before making my usual and customary snap judgements. This is what we heard: incompetent, impractical, ignorant solutions to a problem created by incompetent, impractical, ignorant Democrat leftist ideologues.

Well, Nancy Pelosi, we read it. We know what’s in it. We don’t like it and we don’t want it.

Let’s tell Congress to #RepealIt now.

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