Tell House Republicans: No Fix for ObamaCare – Repeal It

November 14, 2013

Fix It?

Congressman Fred Upton (MI-06), Republican, introduced the KEEP YOUR HEALTH PLAN ACT OF 2013.

What does it do?

“To authorize health insurance issuers to continue to offer for sale current individual health insurance coverage in satisfaction of the minimum essential health insurance coverage requirement, and for other purposes.” – H.R. 3350


Link to full text of the bill:

The devil is in the obvious details. As it says in the introduction, you can keep your old insurance, IF it is “in satisfaction of the minimum essential health insurance coverage requirement“. What I see is a continuation of the very reason insurance companies are cancelling millions of health insurance policies: ObamaCare minimum standards.

Opinion, Mine

This bill does not eliminate the “individual mandate”. I believe it will further confuse insurance markets.

  • How does an insurer go about restoring a policy after cancelling it?
  • What liabilities does an insurer assume by restoring a policy? Must it cover something that happened between cancellation date and enactment of this law?

I know the bill addresses policies that will be otherwise cancelled by the end of this year. How can it help those who have already been cancelled?

I appreciate our representatives and I understand their motive for pushing this bill. Republican lawmakers genuinely care about American freedoms and they know how devastating ObamaCare is to our people. However, this “fix” will worsen matters, I believe. Regulations to implement the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), if printed, would be a stack of 11,000 pages, 8-1/2 X 11 sheets of single-sided paper. This stack of paper would be THREE FEET HIGH!

Democrats own the Affordable Care Act 100%. Not even one Republican voted for it. If Republican lawmakers get into the act of “fixing” a very, very bad law, then Republicans take part ownership of ObamaCare and just in time for 2014 elections.

Keeping an existing insurance policy will not fix the socialistic subsidies that are effectively Medicare for all citizens under an arbitrary household income level. At this time Medicare is in peril. Looming cuts to Medicare for senior citizens will inherently doom them to a premature death. Remember Sarah Palin’s warning about “death panels”? Yes, the IRS will be in charge and we know how compassionate that federal agency is, don’t we?


Contact your elected Representative today, this morning, if possible. Tell them to oppose HR 3350.

Sample text:Congressman, I oppose HR 3350. I don’t want you to fix ObamaCare, I want you to repeal it.

If you are unsure who your representative is, use this link and enter your Zip Code in the box in the upper right-hand corner where it says “FIND YOUR REPRESENTATIVE”:

Please also contact Speaker John Boehner via direction below.

We in Congressional District 4 should contact Congressman Ralph Hall, using the below direction.

Congressman Ralph M. Hall contact information


2405 Rayburn H.O.B.
Washington, DC 20515-0001
Tel No: 202-225-6673
Fax: 202-225-3332

Speaker John Boehner contact information


H-232 The Capitol
Washington, DC 20515
Tel No: 202-225-0600
Fax: 202-225-5117

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