HR 3350 – Wrong Prescription for Curing the ObamaCare Disease

November 15, 2013 – Will this be a day that will go down as Congressional infamy?


Congressman Upton has HR 3350 up for a vote and it appears all Republicans and a bevy of Democrats will vote for it. Is this a good bill? I say it’s not. Why?

It uses the word “may”. When does “may” become law? Never? Right.

The word “shall” becomes law, compulsory, it has to be done.

My opinion: Republicans are doing the same thing Democrats are doing in that they are trying desperately to look good for 2014 elections. Well, if your sole reason for existing is to get re-elected, then I say you have a valid bill.

If, on the other hand, your reason for existing, your reason for being elected to the House of Representatives is to represent the best interests of your constituents within the framework of the Constitution, then, it seems reasonable to say, a representative would leave Democrats to do their own dirty work. It was the Democrat ‘dog’ that pooped. Democrats should take responsibility for cleaning up the mess. Why are Republicans helping them?

In the end, this is a do-nothing bill because (1) it’s not compulsory and (2) it’s only for show, a little gimmick to quote on the re-election trail.

There are only two possible antidotes for that poisonous Affordable Care Act – aka ObamaCare – and they are either eliminate the individual mandate or repeal the entire law, the latter the better choice.

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