It’s Time For the House to Confront the Deemer-in-Chief In Court

November 15, 2013


Dictator-in-Chief? I don’t think so. A simple reading of Article II, Section 3 this morning these words seem to “jump off the page”, so to speak:

“…he shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed…”

What I didn’t find:

– …he shall execute the laws he DEEMS executable

– …he shall override Congress, at his leisure

– …he may lie whenever it’s convenient

It’s time for the House majority to stand up and go before the Supreme Court. I believe even Elena Kagan will agree on the issue of unconstitutional governance. Afterward, how can the Senate Democrat majority allow him to remain in office?

Barack Obama is living out his leftist ideology with impunity. Consequently, our moral and monetary currency steadily and surely lose value in the world marketplace. 

Leading up to fall 2014 elections and beyond to January 2015, we can’t depend on a worthless Democrat-controlled Senate to do anything of consequence to preserve our republic. Only the Republican House majority represents the will of the people.

Perhaps Obama wants a civil war. Do you? I don’t.

We know Obama wants to demote America to third-world status. There’s no doubt about it.

We know he’s anti-Christian, anti-Jew and anti-Rule of Law. We also know he’s a bold liar who will say anything to satisfy the masses until he has shackled the entire population.

Do you pay any attention to this astronomical national debt accrued under his budget-free hand?

Have you awareness that we are in a set of circumstances from which only the Living God, Creator of the Universe, El Shaddai can extract us?

At the Constitutional Convention of 1787, out of which our Constitution was borne, Ben Franklin aptly quoted Holy Scripture, saying “except the Lord build the House they labour in vain that build it.” Ben was quoting an extract from Psalm 127:1

We as mere people have no hope of rebuilding our Republic, unless we turn to our God and ask Him to do this.

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