ObamaCare: The Only Cure is to Repeal It

November 16, 2013


Reference: Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – aka ObamaCare – Use this link to online document from the Government Printing Office: http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/PLAW-111publ148/pdf/PLAW-111publ148.pdf

Penalties & Fines

The word ‘penalty‘ appears 132 times.
There are 45 instances of the word ‘penalties‘.
Fine‘ can be found 3 times.


You find the word ‘taxes‘ in 21 places.
However, the word ‘tax‘, singular, appears 562 times.

The Words I least Like to Hear

I find the word ‘prevent‘ recurring in 425 places.
Deny‘ pops up in 19 places.

“Death Panels” (thanks to Sarah Palin for the warning)

Advisory Board‘ – 50 instances
Advisory Panel‘ – merely 20 times

Government Control of Your Life

I found ‘IRS‘ in 195 places.
Income‘ shows up 305 times.
The word ‘oversight‘ appears in 42 locations.
Student loan‘ phrase appears 12 times.
Imprisoned‘ is in it 1 time while, ‘punished‘ 1 time, ‘contempt‘ once, ‘subpoena‘ once.
State Law‘ shows up in 93 places.
Adoption‘, as in adoption of children, appears 31 times.

Dining Out?

There Section 4205 is devoted to “chain restaurants“, affecting businesses with 20 or more locations. McDonalds, Sonic, Dairy Queen, Whataburger, Jack In The Box, Burger King, IN-N-OUT Burger – these and more, must provide nutrition information. Nutrition? You go to a McDonalds for nutrition? Are you kidding me?
The law also gains federal control of vending machines with severe penalties for non-compliance.
Section 1101 abuses the Tenth Amendment.

Dark Corners of ObamaCare

There are 40 instances of the word ‘abortion‘, ‘condom’  and ‘contraceptive’ once each.
Be sure to check out ‘ADULTHOOD PREPARATION SUBJECTS’. Find these topics under the ‘SEC. 513. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY EDUCATION’. Think: indoctrination.

Can’t Fix ObamaCare

I appreciate Congressman Upton’s attempt to restore insurance policies that were cancelled, but that’s totally not doable. Any insurance professional can educate you on this matter.

I appreciate even more Congressman Ralph Hall’s opposition vote. Sure, HR 3350 looks good, but it won’t pass the Democrat controlled Senate and you can be certain that ideologue in the White House won’t sign it into law.

ObamaCare is much more than simply medical insurance. It’s taxes, education, pharmaceuticals, the IRS and who knows what all else. Just killing the individual mandate isn’t enough. We must repeal the entire law.


Tell your Congressman and your two U.S. Senators to repeal ObamaCare.


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3 thoughts on “ObamaCare: The Only Cure is to Repeal It

  1. tually like section 405 – requiring chain restaurants to disclose nutritional information. Why would you be opposed to this? While I agree people don’t tend to go to McDonald’s or Whataburger for healthy, nutritious meals, you’re discounting all of the other chain restaurants, many of which advertise themselves as healthy choices. Subway, for instance, markets itself as healthy fast food, but if you look at the nutrition facts you’ll see most of the menu is anything but. I feel like people have a right to know the nutritional value of food they purchase. Why are you against that?

    1. Good question. Now I ask one or two of you: When a drug company produces a product, whether analgesic, dietary supplement or diuretic, the drug company must publish chemical compositions and other pertinent data whether one person uses it or 100 million use the product.

      If nutrition is so critical as to involve federal regulation, why “20 or more” locations? Why isn’t the standard applicable to a restaurant business with only one or two locations? Why 20? Have you and answer that makes sense?

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