Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops Questions Rationality Texas Right to Life

Letter from Trey Bahm to constituents of Texas SD-2, received 11 December 2013. Click on the image below to read the full letter from the Bishops.

Dear everyone,

I wanted to share with you a recent letter that State Senator Bob Deuell, MD recently received from the Texas Conference of Catholic Bishops.  This letter was sent to Senator Deuell and other lawmakers (this letter is not an endorsement of any candidate or officeholder, nor am I representing it as such).

Letter from Texas Conference of Catholic Bishops to Sen. Bob Deuell [click on image to read full letter]
Letter from Texas Conference of Catholic Bishops to Sen. Bob Deuell
[click on image to read full letter]
The attached document, while lengthy, carefully examines and calls into question the rationality of the recent scorecard put out by Texas Right to Life.  Texas Right to Life is a state pro-life advocacy group that has, in the past, been steady and clear in its support of the pro-life agenda.  Their 2013 legislative scorecard, however, suggests Texas Right to life has strayed from its original focus as a stalwart in the pro-life movement and is becoming a group more concerned with punishing those fellow pro-life advocates who may not fully agree with them.

You can view the Texas Right to Life scorecard in question here: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2LV3JNxBl9BeTVybjEwazBsR0k/edit?pli=1

As a contrast to the Bishops’ letter, I also wanted to share with you an ugly, dishonest social media “meme” or image that has been created by a TEA Party located in Senator Deuell’s district:


For more information about Senator Deuell’s compelling pro-life record, click here:  http://www.bobdeuell.org/defender-of-life

Local TEA Party leaders and Texas Right to Life have been appearing together at events in SD2 and elsewhere in the state.  I find it interesting that activist groups like the TEA Party, which claim to be the true guardians of patriotism and the vision of our Founders, would abandon thoughtful, educated debate and resort to crude cartoons which lie about the policy positions of a committed Christian man.  In my opinion, the Bishops’ letter is more in keeping with the republican ideals of our Founders.

Thank you for your consideration,

Trey Bahm 

Political Director 

State Senator Bob Deuell, MD 

Greenville, Texas

Personal comment: I know Dr. Deuell as my state senator and I know him personally. I also know his voting record, not just for solid pro-life legislation, but also for his staunch support of our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. – JW

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