Heads UP! – Coming this week: Senate Hearings on Obama’s Climate Agenda

January 12, 2014

The Hill reports upcoming hearings this week on the Obama ‘climate change’ agenda.


Administration officials from the Fourth Branch of Government will testify before Senate committees. These officials include bureaucrats from Council on Environmental Quality, Environmental Protection Agency and Fish and Wildlife Service, States Service Administration.

I assume you, like me, were wholly unaware there is a ‘Fish and Wildlife Service, States Service Administration’.

It’s my opinion the Liberal-in-Chief has ‘change’ on his agenda, but it’s not a change to our atmospheric climate, but change to our social climate that’s on his mind. Candidate Barack Obama promised, THREATENED, to fundamentally transform America. By any standards, he’s made a lot of progress in undermining and/or destroying the most fundamental element of American society: the family.

Inconvenient Headline
Inconvenient Headline (click on image for story)

I urge you to follow those hearings via C-Span, Fox News, The Hill, The Weekly Standard and The Washington Examiner.

Global Warming Kills by Freezing People to Death
Global Warming Kills by Freezing People to Death 

On a lighter note, I can’t avoid saying God has an infinite sense of humor about the notion that somehow Barack Hussein Obama can affect the nature of our global climate.


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