Bailout for the Insurance Companies? And, You Were Surprised?

January 15, 2014

At some point, your run out of other people's money.
At some point, your run out of other people’s money.

Another bailout? You are surprised? The Affordable Care Act – aka ObamaCare – has greatly disrupted and imperiled insurance companies to the point, I expect, Obama will next declare he must nationalize medical insurance companies to save money.

His intention from Day One was to force us into a #SinglePayer system whereby we pay our ‘premiums’ (another way of saying ‘taxes‘) directly to the Treasury Department. Treasury, in turn, directly pays our medical bills.

Isn't Socialism Wonderful? (See more at
Isn’t Socialism Wonderful?
(See more at

This Tyrant-in-Chief will be able to get away with this because the Democrat Party makes no pretense of upholding the Rule of Law and spineless establishment Republicans (except for the TEA Party people) will be too subdued to act. (They don’t want to appear as ‘obstructionists’.) I am thankful my U.S. Representative, Congressman Ralph Hall and my Senator Ted Cruz stand firmly with us in repealing the Affordable Care Act.

At some point in time, we’ll morph into bifurcated medical care Canadian style in which we’ll have the poorly funded state health care system (Medicaid/Medicare) and a cash-basis concierge system where you can get the kind of high-quality medical attention to which we have been accustomed for many, many years.

Obama pledged to “fundamentally transform” America. He’s making progress on his pledge.

I find irony in the way big insurance companies supported the Affordable Care Act. No doubt they greedily saw an avalanche of new business – it isn’t happening. Even Max Baucus, author of the law, warns of an impending “train wreck”.

In March, we vote on our faves in the primaries. Next November, we reach the point of no return. Either we restore the rule of law by electing true conservatives who ardently adhere to the Constitution or we. go. down.

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