Open Reciprocity and Why I Strongly Object To It

January 16, 2014

An Open Letter to Senator John CornynTX_CHL

Honorable John Cornyn
517 Hart Senate Office Bldg.
Washington, DC 20510

Subject: Concealed Carry Reciprocity bill


Your email I received this afternoon touts the Concealed Carry Reciprocity bill. I appreciate your sentiments to pass a nationwide reciprocity bill whereby a concealed handgun license holder in one state will be able to carry a weapon in any other state that allows concealed-carry.

You say the NRA backs this bill and I believe you. But, allow me a moment or two to inject my point of view and why I oppose it.

First of all, the Second Amendment individual right to keep and bear arms does not give us this right. Self-defense is a natural right, a God-given right. The Second Amendment was added to prevent you and your congressional colleagues from limiting our natural right.

It’s worth pointing out a very important factor around this issue: What you propose is not allowed under any of the enumerated powers listed in the Constitution.

This bill, if passed, will inevitably force upon us a national registry of a matter hitherto a matter reserved to the states.

Your responsibility is to represent the State of Texas, not any of the other states or even the NRA. For the record, I am a member of the NRA and will continue to be one.

By means of this open letter, I invite readers to tell you to OPPOSE the “Concealed Carry Reciprocity” bill and its derivatives. We have now in place ample reciprocity agreements with most of the states of this union.

Map of States Where We Have Reciprocity
Map of States Where We Have Reciprocity

Use this handy link to cast your vote on Sen. Cornyn’sConcealed Carry Poll“. I encourage you to vote NO.

Link to poll:

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Senator John Cornyn contact information


517 Hart Senate Office Bldg.
Washington, DC 20510
Main: 202-224-2934
Fax: 202-228-2856

Senator Ted Cruz contact information


185 Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Phone: 202-224-5922

Congressman Ralph M. Hall contact information


2405 Rayburn H.O.B.
Washington, DC 20515-0001
Tel No: 202-225-6673
Fax: 202-225-3332

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