Open Letter to Congressman Ralph Hall: Don’t Fall into Obama’s Immigration Trap

Friday, January 31, 2014

Hon. Ralph M. Hall
Hon. Ralph M. Hall Texas CD-4

Honorable Ralph M. Hall
2405 Rayburn H.O.B.
Washington, DC 20515-0001

Subject: Immigration Reform


First Some Facts:

  • Approximately 52% of all ICE (Border Patrol) agents are Hispanic. [Source: Houston Chronicle, 31 Jan. 2014]
  • ICE union president Chris Crane calls on Republicans to meet with Border Patrol agents while working out immigration reform principles. Crane expressed frustration on the part of his union members over the lawless way said agents are ordered to handle illegal aliens – somewhat like fishing: a catch and release policy. [Source: NRO, 28 Jan. 2014]
  • The Rule of Law is fundamental to a just and equitable society, assuring equal application of the law, regardless race, skin color or national origin. The Rule of Law is a ‘plank’ firmly nailed onto the 2012 Republican Party Platform. [Source: Official GOP website, 2012]
  • While only 13% of our Hispanic population self-identifies as Republican by some polls, by nature this sector of our population is principally pro-life, Christian, pro-traditional marriage and profoundly conservative. While I agree with Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) on a bi-partisan approach, we must not abandon our principles.
  • ICE agents warn against blanket amnesty, due to the effect of further overloading their work. In fact they warn processing 11,000,000 applicants would be disastrous. [Source: The Washington Times: 30 Jan. 2014]

Yes, I know how the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other big business groups are plying Congress with campaign money in order for them to get all the cheap labor they need, further overloading ICE and forsaking a cornerstone of republicanism, the Rule of Law, will discourage Republican voters. Do we need Republican voters to stay away from the polling places, again? You and I know the answer is a resounding NO!

There are issues we as a country must address in common sense fashion. I propose two to be the highest priority.

  • FACILITATE legal border crossings, back the way it was done in the fifties and sixties. Speed up the process of issuance of work visas and cut the cost to some affordable dollar amount. This simple measure would in and of itself bankrupt illegal enterprises that use “mules” to haul illegal narcotics across our southern border an “coyotes” who serve as paid escorts to illegal immigrants. I add these benefits: Big Business gets all the cheap labor they need and these DOCUMENTED  workers contribute to our economy.
  • FOCUS on Hispanic youth in this country now, children who had no choice in illegally coming to our shores. For the most part, if forced to return to the countries of their respective nativities, their lives would be in peril. The vast majority of these youngsters are 100% American, culturally speaking. Let’s establish policies that facilitate their full integration into our society.

It is said “money talks” and I know how the U.S. Chamber is betraying our nation with all that money, but I hasten to say “voters talk”, too. You know very well how Republican voters react to unsatisfactory GOP policies: they stay home on Election Day.

Thank you,

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