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February 8, 2014gop-logo

Find attached below all you need to know to participate in your precinct convention. Click on each link to download forms. Save these and learn from them so you can be an effective participant within your Republican Party convention process.







Official website: Texas GOP Precinct Conventions

T he “ticket” to participate in the precinct convention is to be a registered voter  and to have voted in the primary.

Your precinct convention is where the convention process begins. You can’t become a delegate or alternate to the state convention, if you do not attend your precinct convention.

The precinct convention is the “carpenter shop” where proposed “planks” in our national party are introduced. The county convention votes on proposed “planks” that will go forward to the state convention. Adopted state convention “planks” then go to the national convention.

First step is to know your precinct chair. To know the chair, you must know your precinct.

NOW is the time to learn the name of your precinct chair. Use this link to find your precinct:

Next, get current election information specific to your precinct, as well as state and national elections via this link:

Please share this  with others. The Republican platform isn’t the product of secret meetings in smoke-filled back rooms; it is the product of citizens like you who participate in the convention process.

PS-Primary election early voting begins February 16. Election day is March 4. Here is a link to all voting locations:

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