CARGO Rockwall Gun Club – Legal Defense Arising From Armed Self-Defense

CARGO Rockwall Gun Club meets this coming Thursday evening, February 13

Citizens Association for Responsible Gun Ownership
Citizens Association for Responsible Gun Ownership

inside Soulman’s Bar-B-Que  private dining room, 6 to 7 PM.

What: February meeting of CARGO Rockwall Gun Club
Where: Soulman’s Bar-B-Que in Rockwall [South side of I-30,eastbound frontage road, just east of Ridge Road]
When: Thursday, February 13, 6 PM

Come early to go through the serving line, then find a good seat in the private dining room.

There are no fees or membership dues. We are a citizens-serving-citizens organization dedicated to educating and equipping citizens in every aspect of armed self-defense.

Do I know there is a political debate at Rockwall High School the same evening? Yes, but our meetings are planned, well prepared and scheduled months in advance. If you don’t know for whom you will vote, I urge you to be at the debate. Otherwise, come and be a part of something that affects the quality of life in Texas, and by extension, the whole of our nation.

Our theme this Thursday evening is about self-defense … with the services of a qualified legal team.

Meet professionals including law enforcement officers, attorneys, CHL instructors and federally-licensed firearms dealers.

BEFORE you draw your firearm in self-defense, come learn how to protect yourself AFTER you pull the trigger.

Texas Law Shield, LLP A Legal Services Company 1020 Bay Area Blvd Suite 220 Houston, Texas 77058
Texas Law Shield, LLP
A Legal Services Company
1020 Bay Area Blvd Suite 220
Houston, Texas 77058

Texas Law Shield Features:

– 24/7/365 Emergency Access to Your Attorney on an Emergency Hotline
– Preexisting Attorney Client Relationship
– Legal Representation Including All Attorneys’ Fees, CIVIL AND CRIMINAL
– Police Investigations
– Grand Jury Proceedings
– Trial, both Criminal and Civil
– Member ID Card with Emergency Hotline Number
– Education, Updates and Support

Visit the website of Texas Law Shield:

I hope you and I go through the rest of our lives without ever firing on another human being, but some of us will be confronted with life-threatening situations that will demand an armed response.

Let’s be ready with our knowledge, well-honed skills and a legal team to protect us from lawsuits.

PS – Children are welcome. In fact, we encourage you to bring your children and grandchildren who are never too young to learn gun safety.

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Texas: the last bastion of American freedoms

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