Camelot v. Spend-a-Lot: The End of Liberalism

March 25, 2014

As Obama sees himself
As Obama sees himself

Camelot v. Spend-a-lot – Obama clan is having a high time on our dime

When President Kennedy flew, it was just one airplane. One. Not three.

Obama’s trip to tiny Belgium will cost that country approximately $10,000,000 USD. His little junket will cost us substantially more.

An entourage of 900 persons requires three cargo airplanes and 45 motor vehicles. All this in addition to his own personal Air Force One.

The way he really is
The way he really is

According to one news report, Obama’s advance security team will be inspecting sewers, very familiar surroundings for this president’s staff, I’m sure.

While there, with permission from the Belgium government, U.S. Army helicopters will be circling overhead, ostensibly to ward off terrorist attacks against the only man of importance at the European Union Summit.

There was something about the Kennedy presidency that captured the hearts of the American people, hence ‘Camelot’.

Day by day, week by week, one cancelled insurance policy after another, cancer patients left to fend for themselves, liberals who slobbered over Barack Obama now turn ever so slowly against him.

Barack and Michelle seem in a contest to see which can outspend the other. Barack Hussein Obama, I hereby knight thee Sir Spend-a-Lot.

Meanwhile, back here in Reality Land, labor participation is 63% – For those who don’t understand #ObamaSpeak, this means we have 37% unemployment, worse than the height of the Great Depression in 1933, when unemployment was merely 24.9%.

Get off blaming Bush - Sir Spend-a-Lot has outspent them all from the first George to the last
Get off blaming Bush – Sir Spend-a-Lot has outspent them all from the first George to the last

Your president greedily grasps unconstitutional power over our citizens while doing all he can to destroy our economy.

This is the end of Liberalism: record welfare, record official atheism, the new religion of government, moral and spiritual bankruptcy.

We’re going to elect a Senate Republican majority, while we maintain or increase our House Republican majority. Our challenge is to demand they #impeach Barack Obama and his liberty-menacing horde. We must insist on #FullRepeal of ObamaCare.

If RINO’s like Mitch McConnell don’t cooperate, let’s work to get recall elections going.

God bless America.

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