CARGO Rockwall Gun Club – April 2014: Military Firearms

 April 7, 2014

Citizens Association for Responsible Gun Ownership
Citizens Association for Responsible Gun Ownership

April showers bring military powers. Well, I know that’s not exactly the rhyme you learned from Mom. It is, however, a reminder that it’s time this Thursday for our monthly CARGO Rockwall gun club meeting.

 What:              CARGO Rockwall Gun Club

Theme:            Military Firearms

Where:            Soulman’s Bar-B-Que in Rockwall

Date:               April 10th

Time:               6 to 7 pm

 Bring your military arms: rifles and pistols.

Be prepared to describe your weapon(s) as to origin, application, type ammo, country of origination, where to buy a like weapon, what you like or dislike.

We pass these weapons around to give everyone an opportunity to get a feel for them.

Let’s review safety rules:

  • Bring all weapons UNLOADED and encased. Yes, we know it’s lawful to openly carry long guns, but who else knows that little factoid?
  • DO NOT bring Ammo. There will be a separate meeting where we’ll be learning about ammo, but let’s leave any opportunity for an accident at home.
  • A designated safety inspector will examine your weapons to confirm safe condition. This measure isn’t an expression of our mistrust of you. It’s our method of preventing death or injury to our guests. It’s just common sense.
  • Got a CHL? Wonderful. Your loaded concealed weapon is welcome, but at no time, for any reason, we do not pull out loaded weapons. Loaded concealed weapons must remain concealed.
  • If you have a handgun for show and tell, it follows the above rules: unloaded and encased.

 CHL instructor Jack Sukenik will serve as range master this week. Jack’s extensive knowledge of military weapons is a valuable asset to the club.

 Are children welcome? Absolutely! Welcome and invited. Children are  never too young to learn firearm safety.

What is the cost? We have no fees or dues at this time. Someday, perhaps. However, we do ask you to go through the serving line before finding a good seat in the private dining room. This is how our host pays salaries for the cleanup crew and his electric bill.

 Firearms dealers will be available to help you select weapons for self-defense. Our CHL instructors are ready and able to get you licensed for concealed-carry. Our Rockwall Police Department representatives are ready and eager to answer your questions and to meet you.

We are citizens serving citizens. Our objectives: educate our community on the history and efficacy of gun ownership, teach firearms safety, educate citizen and law enforcement on laws regulating gun ownership, and foster civil, respectful relations between law enforcement officers and civilians.

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3 thoughts on “CARGO Rockwall Gun Club – April 2014: Military Firearms

      1. We had a wonderful time. You and Jack were very informative and I believe we share some of the same goals. We look forward to future participation with you and CARGO. I believe CARGO and Arsenal can benefit each other mutually as well as our members.

        Vigilo Fortis et Paratus

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