Bob Hall Muddies Rainy Day – Is He Unaware of Dire Drought?

Our state legislators meet for 140 days every two years. It’s an intense time when lawmakers address tens of thousands of issues vital to various sectors of our population. Dr. Deuell manages to communicate directly with constituents while also managing to address thousands of issues.

click on image above for audio
click on image above for audio (advance to minute 5:56)

As you would hear in Mr. Hall’s statement via the above link, (starting at minute 5:56) he says, “I have been labeled as a three-issue candidate. I’d like to correct that. That’s an overstatement. First, no one has all the answers to everything. But, I am a one-issue candidate. Legislators introduce thousands (that’s times ten to the third power, Mr. Hall) of bills during regular 140-day sessions and they can introduce hundreds more during special sessions. The end product is not the work of any one person. As I often say, it’s not what I want; it’s what we can do together.

Good manners and respect for fellow lawmakers, even political opponents, makes for good order in the Texas Senate. Bob Hall clearly states he will not respect his fellow senators, if elected.

The Texas House and Senate address a broad array of issues encompassing health, welfare, transportation, education, gun laws, environmental and water, the ‘600 pound gorilla in the room’. The 83rd Legislature passed, nine proposed constitutional amendments, to be decided by Texas voters. Chief among those issues was water. Most of the people living in Texas understand the dire nature of drought and water resources to supply a rapidly growing state population. We, the registered voters of the Great State of Texas voted for Proposition 6 to facilitate and expedite development of water resources. This amendment was not a grant, but a pool from which water districts like our NTMWD can borrow funds at low interest, thereby maintaining a business-friendly climate that draws new industry from other states. Mr. Hall opposed that proposition to alleviate statewide water shortages. He presumes himself better able to decide what we need than we the people of Texas are. There is a name for that kind of person: autocrat.

Dr. Deuell voted to empower us, the taxpayers, to make those important decisions. Bob Hall has ignorantly ranted against using the Rainy Day Fund for just about anything. If dire drought is not cause to use Rainy Day funds, what is, Mr. Hall? Personal to Mr. Hall: This fund was established in 1988 to address off-budget expenses that arise between biennial legislative sessions. You see, Mr. Hall, it’s called by some “common sense”, by others “a prudent measure” and in real businesses we call it reserve capital, as I do in my own business. You seem unaware of the dire nature of this drought that rapidly dries up Texas reservoirs.

The collective wisdom of We the People of Texas will forever be superior to one autocratic lawmaker. Our Rainy Day Fund is at present 18% of the state budget, well above the calculated “safety zone”. Out of the 83rd Legislature, this fund was at $8.1 billion, one billion over what the governor requested. Mr. “One Issue” Bob Hall, by his own admission, lacks capacity to deal with a myriad of concurrent issues. Dr. Bob Deuell consistently demonstrates wisdom and leadership in Austin, while maintaining an active medical practice in Greenville. I invite voters to make the intelligent choice for Senate District 2. Vote for Bob Deuell.

Texas State Senate District 2
Senator Bob Deuell – SD2

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