John Ratcliffe Changes His Mind – Political Ambition: Nothing New Under the Sun

Is Age An Issue?

Congressman Ralph M. Hall - My Friend Texas Congressional District-4
Congressman Ralph M. Hall – My Friend
Texas Congressional District-4

As recent as December 2013, John Ratcliffe said, “It’ll be up to the voters to decide whether or not a candidate is too old.” I read what he said and thought to myself, “he’s doing the honorable thing.” And, this is Biblical. 

Stand up in the presence of a person with gray hair, show respect for the old; you are to fear your God; I am Adonai. – Leviticus 19:32 CJB

Life moved on. There was the primary election, a contest between five contenders: Ralph Hall, John Ratcliffe, Lou Gigliotti, John Stacy and Tony Arterburn. Results of ballots cast left two contenders heading into a runoff: Hall and Ratcliffe. Subsequent to that first go-round, those other three contenders independently decided to throw their support behind Congressman Ralph Hall. I communicated with each of them and their separate reasoning was as one man – Ralph Hall is the right man for the job.

I ask, again. Is age an issue?

Moshe [Moses] was 120 years old when he died, with eyes undimmed and vigor undiminished. Deuteronomy 34:7 CJB

no-5Doing the math: 120 – 90 = 30 years difference in age and God didn’t consider Moses “too old” for the job until he was 30 years Ralph’s senior. FYI – In my family, I am 28 years senior to Rockwall’s Mayor Pro Tem and I most certainly don’t think I am “too old”.

John Ratcliffe, like a cornered cat, bares his claws today

In today’s mail I receive a flyer “paid for by now or never PAC”. Interesting. What is the implication of “now or never”? Does John Ratcliffe presume Ralph will forever be our Congressman, except he defeat him? The phrasing is interesting.

Well, the disclaimer carries the obligatory “not authorized by any candidate…” statement at the bottom. If you can believe this costly mailer – it’s 8.5″ X 11″, printed two sides and 7 colors – was produced without Mr. Ratcliffe’s knowledge, you can believe just about anything. For those who have never paid for such materials, it’s helpful to know this was very, very costly. And, you can be quite certain it was prepared with the advice and consent of candidate John Ratcliffe.

John Ratcliffe's Mailer NOT Sent By John Ratcliffe
John Ratcliffe’s Mailer NOT Sent By John Ratcliffe

Obviously, Mr. Ratcliffe changed his mind. Instead of his earlier declaration in which he publicly stated he would leave Ralph’s age up to the voters to decide whether or not Congressman Ralph M. Hall’s age automatically disqualifies him for the office.

We know what John Ratcliffe is now saying. What are his former opponents and Ralph’s fellow veterans, people like me, saying about this man who fought for our nation against the Empire of Japan in WW2 as a carrier-based fighter pilot?

“Pay everyone what he is owed: if you owe the tax-collector, pay your taxes; if you owe the revenue-collector, pay revenue; if you owe someone respect, pay him respect; if you owe someone honor, pay him honor.” – Romans 13:7 CJB

Recently, we veterans gathered round Ralph at the ’66 Diner for breakfast. A couple are lawyers like John. One is a corporate magnate here in Rockwall. Others hold elected offices and some, like me, are small business owners. Ours is a diverse group of veterans. But our opinion about this great man, one of The Greatest Generation, a man who knows each of us by first and last name, along with the names of most of our family members, is he does a wonderful job of representing us before the House of Representatives. At one time or another, each and every one of us has been to Washington to see Ralph doing what he does best. Why do we veterans want our fellow veteran back in Congress?

This sitting president whose name I shall not mention, has been systematically dismantling our vital Department of Defense. Now, more veterans die of suicide than frontline combat. Our collective military experiences qualify us to judge this man, Congressman Ralph Hall, to be a fit representative of our active-duty, reserve and former military personnel. Year by year, there are fewer and fewer veterans in Congress. Presently military veterans are slightly less than 20% of all members of Congress.


Personal to John Ratcliffe: We veterans, community and party leaders and three former opponents of Ralph agree,

Ralph Hall is getting the job done. Times haven’t changed, but allegiances most certainly have. An ambitious man wants Ralph’s job. Ambition is a tricky thing. It has a way of robbing a man of his character.

We veterans, business owners, professionals, farmers and ranchers choose to honor our Congressman, Ralph M. Hall.


3 thoughts on “John Ratcliffe Changes His Mind – Political Ambition: Nothing New Under the Sun

  1. Fortunately a lot of folks are aware that it is against the law for a candidate to coordinate with a PAC. If you’re going to accuse Ratcliffe of breaking the law, it would be nice to see what you are backing it up with.

    I was one of the four candidates running against Ratcliffe and Hall in the 2014 primary. I did hear candidates say disrespectful things about Congressman Hall on the campaign trail. But I never heard it from John Ratcliffe. He always made it a point to be respectful of congressman Hall.

    It’s a shame that the Now or Never PAC has made this the focus of their advertising, but the charges that John Ratcliffe put them up to it are baseless. It’s also a shame that politics so often leads good people to think it necessary to tear one man down to lift another man up.

      1. I’d like to see that too. I’d also like to see Congressman Hall disown the charges being made all over the district by another former competitor against Ratcliffe. Then he could move on to disown the charges that another supporter might make that Ratcliffe is breaking the law by colluding with a PAC. No I won’t hold my breath In either case, and I won’t hold either one of them responsible for the actions of others.

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