Desperate Bob Hall Lobs another underhanded pitch – ‘Batter’ Deuell walks a home run

Desperate Bob Hall Lobs another underhanded pitch – ‘Batter’ Deuell walks a home run


The “Lilly Ledbetter Act” was an act of Congress signed it into law on January 29, 2009, passed to combat gender-based wage discrimination. Four years later, Texas State Representative Senfronia Thompson (D-Houston) introduced House Bill 950 to bring Texas law in line with the federal statute. Senfronia was dean of the Democrat minority and chairperson of the local and consent calendar committee.

The Texas House passed HB 950, a non-controversial bill and sent it to the Texas Senate. Senator Deuell, chairman of the Senate Economic Committee which held jurisdiction over this bill, persuaded committee members to suspend the rules, but only after two changes were incorporated:

  • No retroactive claims after the effective date of the bill
  • No claims based on pension payments

Dr. Deuell insisted on the above two amendments over the objections of Senator Wendy Davis, the bill’s sponsor in the Senate.

Republican senators Dan Patrick, Ken Paxton and Donna Campbell voted with Dr. Deuell to suspend the rules. Dr. Donna Campbell and Dr. Bob Deuell voted for final passage of the bill.

It is customary to allow non-controversial bills to come up for a vote on the floor of the Senate.

The Texas Association of Business, along with other business groups, urged Gov. Rick Perry to veto the bill, because it would be obtrusive to free enterprise. The governor vetoed and there it died.

Sen. Bob Deuell tried to weaken otherwise very liberal legislation that had to pass in order for the legislative process to work.  And he’s not afraid to stand up to Democrats to do it.  This is an example of savvy leadership.  Bob Hall, on the other hand, seems to want to promote the Davis agenda and support anti-free enterprise legislation as long as it has ‘conservative’ fixes in it.

Personal Observations

My Facebook posting (TEA Party Rockwall of April 15) was motivated by another ignorant rant from candidate Bob Hall who whined about the disclosure of embarrassing personal facts exposed by news media.

Through two election cycles, I have listened to and talked with Dr. Bob Deuell and Mr. Bob Hall. Their political forum presentations differ substantially. Dr. Deuell speaks to issues, while Bob Hall attacks the character of Dr. Deuell. I recorded the full audio of the two candidates two years ago, links below for your convenience.

RCRMC Candidate Forum –Senator Bob Deuell (, ThisReporter)

RCRMC Candidate Forum – Bob Hall (, ThisReporter)

If you listen to the above audio links, you hear how Mr. Hall has a grand speech, but no substance, only one personal attack after another against Dr. Deuell.

Dr. Deuell, on the other hand, addresses issues important with nary one personal attack on his opponent.

Dr. Deuell is a pro-life champion and one of the most important gun rights advocates in the Texas Legislature.

A Dallas Morning News editorial titled Editorial: We recommend Deuell in GOP race for Texas Senate District 2 very much agrees with own opinion. Here are two excerpts from that editorial:

  • “[Bob Hall] has attracted attention from scorecard-driven endorsement groups”
  • “[Bob Hall] offers the standard tea party positions on smaller government but moves scarcely beyond the talking points. Ideology is one thing, but it’s quite another to convince others. This is where Hall falls short.”


My opinion of Dr. Bob Deuell is very much in line with others with whom he has had personal encounters. A woman, a patient of Dr. Deuell, made the following (unedited) comment on my Facebook posting (TEA Party Rockwall of April 15).

Marie Crowe-Isham Bob Deuell saved my life and my daughter’s..he delivered her and took care of me…so anyone that says something that wrong like “Dr. Death” has not had a great physician like Bob Deuell. Bob Hall can kiss my shiny hiney!!!! GO BOB DEUELL!!!!!!!

I will vote for Bob Deuell for Texas Senate, SD-2. Election Day is May 27 and your vote counts.

John White
Rockwall, Texas


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