Rockwall Patriot and Prominent Attorney: “I wholeheartedly support Ralph Hall”

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Hon. Ralph M. Hall
Hon. Ralph M. Hall Texas CD-4
Last of the Greatest Generation in the House

I am writing to you after considerable thought and reflection!

The opinions below are my own and are not part of Ralph Hall’s Campaign.

I have conducted my own independent research and review of the backgrounds of Ralph and John and I can say without hesitation I wholeheartedly support Ralph Hall. My reasons are as follows:

1. Ralph has always represented and voted in the best interests of the citizens of the Fourth Texas Congressional District even when it was not in his personal best interest.
2. Ralph has a documented record as a fiscal, foreign affairs and social conservative.
3. I see Ralph at least 2-3 times a month. He has more energy and is more alert and lucid than most 40 year olds. It’s about energy, not age.
4. Ralph has served his country admirably and honorably in ralph-hall-ww2-officerPeace and War and will be the only WWII Veteran in the upcoming Congress.
5. Ralph is rated in the Top 3 % of Congressman opposing Obama and his out of control liberal agenda.
6. Ralph has done so many things to help individual average citizens of our District in addition to supporting projects to make it easier to live and work in the 4th District like The Red River Arsenal and the 740 Loop project in Heath.
7. Ralph has established credibility in Congress and when he speaks, people listen! His Congressional career is legendary and he is well respected on the Hill.
8. With Ralph, what you see is what you get! He is transparent, accessible and open.

John is one of the nicest people I know! So What concerns me about John?

1. Although he began his legal career in the early 1990’s he doesn’t tout any of his accomplishments before 2005. I wonder why? Based on written documents, I have learned that John was a plaintiff’s attorney specializing in medical malpractice. Basically suing doctors and health care facilities. From 2000 thru 2004 he was a named partner in the firm Tucker and Ratcliffe. During that period his firm along with another obtained a $50 Million judgment against a health care facility and an undisclosed amount against the doctors! I wonder why John doesn’t tout this part of his background in one of the most conservative Congressional Districts in the Country? Most of the plaintiff’s lawyers I know are Democrats. In fact, the plaintiff’s lawyer lobbying group known as the Trial Lawyers Association is usually either Number 1 or Number 2 behind Big Labor Unions when it comes to making contributions to the democratic party

2. John is a very active businessman who is an investor I am told in Shenanigans, and along with Russell Phillips, the new Trend HR Tower at I- 30 & Horizon. More on that later.

3. John touts his experience as the US attorney for the Eastern District of Texas. John did hold that job for approximately one year after his boss suddenly resigned to return to private practice. After that very short period of time, President Bush appointed someone else to become the US Attorney for the Eastern District of TX.

4. As the Homeland Security Director for East Texas most of his efforts appeared to be fining employers for possible immigration violations. Can you imagine any Terrorist in his right mind who would want to live in East Texas! Hooah East Texas!!!! This has nothing to do with John’s skills and much more to do with the good people and patriots living in East Texas!

5. Remember all the Hoopla in Heath about the new YMCA?? John signed a letter offering the Y 15 acres of land near the new Rockwall-Heath HS. Then within two months, changed his mind and offered the Y a less than desirable plat of land in Kaufmann County! Based on more than one source, his current business partner Russell Phillips and the former mayor of Heath, Chris Cuni, objected because they wanted to put a housing development in the area. In fact Russell submitted his proposed platt a couple months after John reneged on the land deal to the Y. And to this day we have no Y in Heath!

6. For those who live in Buffalo Creek you know that Kings Pass is a “Speeder’s Haven, used to avoid congestion on Horizon Road. Kings Pass is about 1500 yards long with virtually no speed limit signs and only TWO Stop Signs. The Stop Signs were put in after several protests about the speeding. Although Kings Pass is 1500 yards long, the stop signs are just 150 yards apart! And both are at the corners of Starlight Pass a horseshoe street off of Kings Pass. Guess who lives on Starlight Pass? The Former Councilman and Mayor of Heath, John Ratcliffe!! And my best recollection is the stop signs were installed while John was Mayor of Heath!!

7. If you review the list of contributors to his campaign, you will discover the majority of the money he has raised comes from outside the 4th Congressional District. And one of the contributions from within the District is the subject of a Complaint to the Federal Election Commission asserting that one of the contributors died a few years before the contribution was made.

Based on the information above,
(1) I cannot be sure that John will place the interests of the citizens of the Fourth Congressional District above his own,
(2) He hasn’t been transparent about his entire career, some of which does not fit well with running for office in a conservative Texas congressional district’
(3) His service as a US attorney and regional Homeland Security Director isn’t overly impressive.

Ralph on the other hand:
(1) Has a documented record as a conservative legislator,
(2) Has placed the interests of the citizens of our District above his own,
(3) is a Veteran who served his County admirably in Peace & War and
(4) is well known and respected on the Hill.

For me the choice is an easy one. Please support Ralph and vote for him this week, early election week or next Tuesday May 27.

Joe Fox
Heath Resident
West Point Class of 1974

Photos: Ralph Hall, WW2 carrier-based fighter pilot, Ralph Hall with astronauts, Ralph Hall presiding over committee meeting

Veterans Are Our Most Important Assets to Keep Us Out of War

Honorable Ralph M. Hall TX CD-4 - Last of The Greatest Generation in the House
Honorable Ralph M. Hall
TX CD-4 – Last of The Greatest Generation in the House

If we are to preserve our republic, we must have veterans in Congress. Veterans serve as a “hard drive” where we “backup” our files on war and peace. Ralph Hall has served with several presidents, the good and the bad. As a member of The Greatest Generation, world war isn’t something he read about; he lived it.

“The number of veterans in the 113th Congress reflects the trend of steady decline in recent decades in the number of Members who have served in the military. For example, 64% of the members of the 97th Congress (1981-1982) were veterans; and in the 92nd Congress (1971-1972), 73% of the Members were veterans.” – Congressional Research Service, March 14, 2014

With the retirement of John Dingell earlier this year, to my knowledge, Ralph Hall is the last of WW2 veterans serving in the House of Representatives.

This sitting president declared his intention to set up a “civilian national security force” equal to our military.

By all appearances, Obama is well on his way to achieving his goal. Every ‘alphabet-soup’ department of the executive branch now has a SWAT team. GSA is purchasing firearms ammunition the equivalent of 30 years of Iraq war for use by his civilian security defense force.

Why does the Department of Education need a SWAT team?

If by now you fail to understand whom Obama is targeting, you are in for a very unpleasant awakening.

Congressman Hall has consistently, even at times at odds with House GOP leadership, opposed the Obama agenda. Now, Washington GOP Beltway insiders want his opponent to replace Ralph. Can that be a good thing for us?

Let’s work to Re-Elect Ralph Hall. Early voting opens this morning and Election Day is May 27. I urge you to vote early and remind your friends and neighbors to vote, also. You are eligible to vote in the runoff election even if you did not vote in the primary election.

God bless Ralph Hall and God bless America.

Congressman Ralph M. Hall - My Friend Texas Congressional District-4
Congressman Ralph M. Hall – My Friend
Texas Congressional District-4

2014 Runoff Elections – Using the Jimmy Carter Voter Guide?

Back 27 years ago, when I started my business, a friend and fellow church member asked, “Are you going to put a fish on your business card?” No, I wasn’t and I never did. My friend related how business owners who touted their Christianity were the people most likely to screw him on a business deal. Over the years, this has been my experience, too. If you are a true Christian, your behavior will validate your faith; you don’t have to wear a badge.

Welcome to the Jimmy Carter Voter Guide - Déjà vu All Over Again
Welcome to the Jimmy Carter Voter Guide – Déjà vu All Over Again

Way back in 1976, I was a Democrat and a new Christian who accepted at face-value Jimmy Carter’s claim to be the RIGHT candidate. How could I go wrong? Like me, Carter was Baptist. He was a deacon; so was I. By golly, we both taught Sunday school! How could I possibly go wrong?

I was wrong. Dead wrong. I followed the Jimmy Carter voter guide. Four years later on, I became a Republican.

Moving forward to 2014 elections, in particular May 27th runoff elections, I become keenly aware of a parallel to 1976. This old phenomenon renewed in 2013 I characterize as a neo-Pharisee movement. To my dismay, a number of my fellow TEA Party leaders are at the forefront of this neo-Pharisee phenomenon. One nearby TEA Party leader said to me, “I thought you wuz [sic] TEA Party.” Yes, I am TEA Party. Furthermore, I know English grammar.

Confession: I have been an “accidental Pharisee”, as I was when I voted for Jimmy Carter. Anyone and perhaps all of us become “accidental Pharisees” fromaccidental-pharisee time to time. I appreciate a book by Larry Osborne titled: Accidental Pharisees: Avoiding Pride, Exclusivity, and the Other Dangers of Overzealous Faith

Do I suggest neo-Pharisees intend harm? Quite the contrary. If you know history, you know the Pharisees chose to crucify Jesus Christ thinking they were doing God a favor. No doubt, the neo-Pharisees laboring in this election cycle believe with all their hearts they are “doing the work of the Lord”.

On a personal level, speaking directly to Mr. Bob Hall and his ardent followers. You have called Dr. Bob Deuell every vile thing you can dream up, from “Dr. Death” to your latest and most malevolent slander, likening an honorable man to Barack Obama. People whom I have considered close friends have gone down the neo-Pharisee path. One spoke with yesterday evening to say, “I’ll be glad when this election is over so we can be friends, again.” I replied, “I’m still a friend.”

One distinct characteristic of Pharisees is their unwillingness, their inability to reason. Therefore, I forego detailed rebuttals to specious slanders. Instead, I stand steadfastly in support of the re-election of Dr. Bob Deuell, an honorable man, staunchly pro-life, a significant ally to gun owners and a valuable friend to job creators – business owners. 

For me, the RIGHT candidate is the one with a proven pro-life, pro-gun and pro-business track record. Bob Deuell is the RIGHT candidate.

Let’s not follow the Jimmy Carter path in 2014. Use your brain to think for yourself.


For your convenience, I list below useful links.

John White
Rockwall, Texas

Video: Who’s Responsible for Closing Texas Abortion Facilities?
Keep Texas Working PAC Endorses Bob Deuell

Pro-life Voter Alert! Beware of Last-Minute False Attacks on Dr. Bob Deuell


Pro-life Voter Alert!

Beware of Last-Minute False Attacks.

Texas State Sen. Bob Deuell, a pro-life family physician, authored the most courageous pro-life bill in decades (SB 303), which would defend the sanctity of human life with new tal-endorses-bob-deuellprotections for patients and families facing end-of-life decisions. Sen. Deuell’s pro-life bill was supported by the Texas Baptist Christian Life Commission, Texas Catholic Conference of Bishops, and Texas Alliance for Life.

The Texas Senate passed SB 303 by a wide margin. Unfortunately, a powerful Houston-based political action committee and others conspired to attack this and other new pro-life legislation. Now, these same groups are engaged in a last-minute attack campaign against Sen. Deuell in a shameless effort to mislead pro-life voters and defeat the strongest pro-life legislator in Texas. Don’t let them succeed.

This video explains exactly what SB 303 would have done to help families protect their loved ones near the end of life.

Texas Alliance for Life proudly endorses Dr. Bob Deuell for re-election to the Texas State Senate in District 2.

We urge pro-life voters in District 2 to bring your family and friends with you to the polls to support Dr. Bob Deuell. Vote early on Monday, May 19, through Friday, May 23. Election Day is Tuesday, May 27.

The above posted from email alert from Texas Alliance of life and was used without the permission of TAL PAC.

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All That Is Necessary – Is This The Future of Your City?

Houston Redefines Women's Restrooms
Houston Redefines Women’s Restrooms

 It has been said that for evil men to accomplish their purpose it is only necessary that good men should do nothing. – Reverend Charles F. Aked, October 1916

Evil demands ‘tolerance’ in order to seduce us into inviting evil into our homes, businesses, governments and churches. Evil accuses Christians and Jews of intolerance, bigotry, homophobia, etc., employing political correctness against us, knowing those among us who don’t know history, don’t know their Bible will yield just to be ‘fair’ and avoid being called names. No one wants to be called names. Yeah, tolerance. Look where it got Adam and Eve.

Mayor Annise Parker won the office of mayor of Houston very narrowly. This after “anti-gay” groups, including pastors of prominent churches, campaigned against the election of a homosexual activist to the city’s highest office. I think I see the problem. Our people were “anti-gay”. They should have been “pro-righteousness”, “pro-God”.

Houston's New City Logo?
Houston’s New City Logo?

Houston has long been a hot bed of homosexuality, as are Dallas, San Antonio and Austin.

Houstonians, ignorant of the peril of homosexual activists on city council, now face an ordinance proposed by their mayor. It’s appropriately titled the “Sexual Predator Protection Act”. This ordinance, if enacted, would empower rapists to have free reign over the women of their choice by LEGALLY allowing men dressed as women to enter and use women’s restrooms.

Shocking: Houston Mayor Intros So-Called ‘Sexual Predator Protection Act’

Over in San Antonio, radical leftist mayor Julian Castro led the charge to pass an ordinance that gave homosexuals superior status and unprecedented exclusive rights. Instead of the major area churches standing against the ordinance, they caved in, including Pastor John Hagee, a man I have long admired. I hope he learned the error of his way.

Am I ‘homophobic’? Do you ask, do I fear homosexuals? Not in the least. I fear the Christians-in-name-only. I fear the spineless church and synagogue leaders who preferred to accommodate evil instead of educating their congregations.

Noted author and academic Camille Paglia is an enigmatic lesbian-libertarian-Democrat, a homosexual activist, who has written extensively on the subject of “gay rights”. Herewith some of her statements:

“The gay activist establishment has been stupid and narrow in the way it has conducted its civil rights campaign… There is no gay leader remotely near the stature of Martin Luther King, because black activism has drawn on the profound spiritual traditions of the church, to which gay political rhetoric is childishly hostile. Shrilly self-interested and doctrinaire, gay activism is completely lacking in philosophical perspective. Its sorrow became the only sorrow, its disease the only disease.”

“Homosexuality is not ‘normal.’ On the contrary, it is a challenge to the norm; therein rests its eternally revolutionary character Queer theorists – that wizened crew of flimflamming free-loaders – have tried to take the post structuralist tack of claiming that there is no norm, since everything is relative and contingent. This is the kind of silly bind that word-obsessed people get into when they are deaf, dumb, and blind to the outside world. Nature exists, whether academics like it or not. And in nature, procreation is the single, relentless rule. That is the norm. Our sexual bodies were designed for reproduction. Penis fits vagina; no fancy linguistic game-playing can change that biologic fact.”

“I was the only openly gay person at the Yale Graduate School (1968-1972), a candor that was professionally costly. That anyone with my aggressive and scandalous history could be called ‘homophobic,’ as has repeatedly been done, shows just how insanely Stalinist gay activism has become.”

Camille Paglia is a lesbian who does not deny the natural function of human sexuality. She participates in homosexuality with this knowledge, making no pretense otherwise.

Devout card-carrying Christians and Jews agree to the evils of homosexuality. Therein lies the problem: Houston Christians and Jews lack devotion to nature and nature’s God. Church and Synagogue attendance have become merely social operations, failing their primary duty to instruct the people in righteousness.

The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. – Proverbs 9:10 NIV

Perhaps pastors and rabbis would consider teaching the ancient Hebrew wisdom given us through the Bible, instead of teaching social platitudes.

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Sunday Morning Muse: Chutzpah, Immigrants and Entrepreneurship

Chutzpah: iPhone, Google Maps navigation, SodaStream, “immigrants make great entrepreneurs because they already did it in their own lives… if we all think alike, act alike, it’s not going to be a creative place” – “Israelis don’t fail any less, they just keep trying”.

When interviewing prospective employees, employers in Israel don’t look at which college the person graduated from, but at their military service. Decision making skills “hardwire young people to be entrepreneurs“.


Military service 'hardwires' young people to be entrepreneurs
Military service ‘hardwires’ young people to be entrepreneurs

“The heroes coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan should be the first to get the jobs.”

Military veterans are valuable resources for the future of America. We Navy “airedales” would say, “I’ve done so much for so long with so little that now I can do anything with nothing at all“.


Israeli soldiers | Future entrepreneurs
Israeli soldiers | Future entrepreneurs

View brief video on Israeli entrepreneurship and how Israeli technology was used to identify the Boston bombers:


Sophisticated security systems developed by Israeli entrepreneurs served to identify the Tsarnev brothers who set off bombs at the Boston Marathon
Sophisticated security systems developed by Israeli entrepreneurs served to identify the Tsarnev brothers who set off bombs at the Boston Marathon

Point-1: Political correctness that suppresses religious expression and promotes the LGBT agenda, stifles entrepreneurship among contemporary American military personnel. I encourage you to contact your congressional delegation to liberate our military personnel from the stranglehold of political correctness and official atheism.

Point-2: Reexamine your personal attitude toward immigrants. I quote from an article in the American Enterprise Institute: “…the U.S. economy benefits the most from immigrants who are the most unlike the people already here.”

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A Voice Vote Silenced All Voices – Let’s Restore First Amendment Freedoms

3 May 2014

“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” - General George Washington
“If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” – General George Washington

Johnson Amendment of 3 July 1954

Historically the Democrat Party has been the party of social liberals, while at the other end of the political spectrum, the Republican Party has generally been the party of personal responsibility and free enterprise.

The 1950’s were the era of anti-communism that, while wholly valid, became radicalized in and of itself through the person of Sen. Eugene McCarthy whose senate hearings attacked Hollywood elites along with anyone McCarthy imagined to be soft on communism. Were Hollywood elites sympathetic to communist causes? No doubt about it. Vestigial communist/socialist sentiments remain the principle viewpoint of many professional actors, actresses, producers and directors today. But, McCarthyism was so extreme that it actually aided and abetted communism in America.

1948 Campaign Poster (click on image for larger size)
1948 Campaign Poster
(click on image for larger size)

McCarthyism naturally brought the political spotlight onto the Democrat Party, due to its socialist bent.

LBJ 1954 Campaign Photo (click on image for larger size)
LBJ 1954 Campaign Photo
(click on image for larger size)

Senator Lyndon B. Johnson sought to limit attacks on his party from tax-exempt anti-communist political action committees (PAC’s). He proposed an amendment to the 501 section of the tax code to strip those PAC’s of tax exempt status. The amendment passed on voice vote with no opposition.

Unintended Consequences

Senator Johnson only intended to limit opposition from the McCarthyites, not to shut down First Amendment Free Speech rights of organized churches. Nonetheless, since 1954 churches have gone silent on political campaigns for fear of losing their tax-exempt status.

Limiting Freedom of Speech Was Never A Good Thing

For Senator Lyndon B. Johnson and his party, limiting First Amendment Freedom of Speech worked well Democrats, but what about Americans, in general?

Limiting any of the First Amendment five freedoms jeopardizes freedom for ALL Americans.


Let’s demand a repeal of the Johnson Amendment to section 501 of the U.S. Tax Code.

Church leaders were at the forefront of our American Revolution against the tyranny of King George. Those brave pastors and preachers were known as The Black Robed Regiment.

Not since the days of our colonial revolution have we needed to hear from our church leaders as we need to hear from them today.

“But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.” – John Adams


  1.  The History of The Johnson Amendment of 1954 And House Resolution 235

  2. Organizational Test – Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3)

  3. First Amendment Text – U. S. Government Archives

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

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