Rockwall Patriot and Prominent Attorney: “I wholeheartedly support Ralph Hall”

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Hon. Ralph M. Hall
Hon. Ralph M. Hall Texas CD-4
Last of the Greatest Generation in the House

I am writing to you after considerable thought and reflection!

The opinions below are my own and are not part of Ralph Hall’s Campaign.

I have conducted my own independent research and review of the backgrounds of Ralph and John and I can say without hesitation I wholeheartedly support Ralph Hall. My reasons are as follows:

1. Ralph has always represented and voted in the best interests of the citizens of the Fourth Texas Congressional District even when it was not in his personal best interest.
2. Ralph has a documented record as a fiscal, foreign affairs and social conservative.
3. I see Ralph at least 2-3 times a month. He has more energy and is more alert and lucid than most 40 year olds. It’s about energy, not age.
4. Ralph has served his country admirably and honorably in ralph-hall-ww2-officerPeace and War and will be the only WWII Veteran in the upcoming Congress.
5. Ralph is rated in the Top 3 % of Congressman opposing Obama and his out of control liberal agenda.
6. Ralph has done so many things to help individual average citizens of our District in addition to supporting projects to make it easier to live and work in the 4th District like The Red River Arsenal and the 740 Loop project in Heath.
7. Ralph has established credibility in Congress and when he speaks, people listen! His Congressional career is legendary and he is well respected on the Hill.
8. With Ralph, what you see is what you get! He is transparent, accessible and open.

John is one of the nicest people I know! So What concerns me about John?

1. Although he began his legal career in the early 1990’s he doesn’t tout any of his accomplishments before 2005. I wonder why? Based on written documents, I have learned that John was a plaintiff’s attorney specializing in medical malpractice. Basically suing doctors and health care facilities. From 2000 thru 2004 he was a named partner in the firm Tucker and Ratcliffe. During that period his firm along with another obtained a $50 Million judgment against a health care facility and an undisclosed amount against the doctors! I wonder why John doesn’t tout this part of his background in one of the most conservative Congressional Districts in the Country? Most of the plaintiff’s lawyers I know are Democrats. In fact, the plaintiff’s lawyer lobbying group known as the Trial Lawyers Association is usually either Number 1 or Number 2 behind Big Labor Unions when it comes to making contributions to the democratic party

2. John is a very active businessman who is an investor I am told in Shenanigans, and along with Russell Phillips, the new Trend HR Tower at I- 30 & Horizon. More on that later.

3. John touts his experience as the US attorney for the Eastern District of Texas. John did hold that job for approximately one year after his boss suddenly resigned to return to private practice. After that very short period of time, President Bush appointed someone else to become the US Attorney for the Eastern District of TX.

4. As the Homeland Security Director for East Texas most of his efforts appeared to be fining employers for possible immigration violations. Can you imagine any Terrorist in his right mind who would want to live in East Texas! Hooah East Texas!!!! This has nothing to do with John’s skills and much more to do with the good people and patriots living in East Texas!

5. Remember all the Hoopla in Heath about the new YMCA?? John signed a letter offering the Y 15 acres of land near the new Rockwall-Heath HS. Then within two months, changed his mind and offered the Y a less than desirable plat of land in Kaufmann County! Based on more than one source, his current business partner Russell Phillips and the former mayor of Heath, Chris Cuni, objected because they wanted to put a housing development in the area. In fact Russell submitted his proposed platt a couple months after John reneged on the land deal to the Y. And to this day we have no Y in Heath!

6. For those who live in Buffalo Creek you know that Kings Pass is a “Speeder’s Haven, used to avoid congestion on Horizon Road. Kings Pass is about 1500 yards long with virtually no speed limit signs and only TWO Stop Signs. The Stop Signs were put in after several protests about the speeding. Although Kings Pass is 1500 yards long, the stop signs are just 150 yards apart! And both are at the corners of Starlight Pass a horseshoe street off of Kings Pass. Guess who lives on Starlight Pass? The Former Councilman and Mayor of Heath, John Ratcliffe!! And my best recollection is the stop signs were installed while John was Mayor of Heath!!

7. If you review the list of contributors to his campaign, you will discover the majority of the money he has raised comes from outside the 4th Congressional District. And one of the contributions from within the District is the subject of a Complaint to the Federal Election Commission asserting that one of the contributors died a few years before the contribution was made.

Based on the information above,
(1) I cannot be sure that John will place the interests of the citizens of the Fourth Congressional District above his own,
(2) He hasn’t been transparent about his entire career, some of which does not fit well with running for office in a conservative Texas congressional district’
(3) His service as a US attorney and regional Homeland Security Director isn’t overly impressive.

Ralph on the other hand:
(1) Has a documented record as a conservative legislator,
(2) Has placed the interests of the citizens of our District above his own,
(3) is a Veteran who served his County admirably in Peace & War and
(4) is well known and respected on the Hill.

For me the choice is an easy one. Please support Ralph and vote for him this week, early election week or next Tuesday May 27.

Joe Fox
Heath Resident
West Point Class of 1974

Photos: Ralph Hall, WW2 carrier-based fighter pilot, Ralph Hall with astronauts, Ralph Hall presiding over committee meeting

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