A Little Bit of Texas History – Henry Ossian Flipper: A Wrong Made Right

Born into slavery, Henry became West Point’s First Black Graduate and America’s First Black Officer. [ Read more: http://archive.today/FZCDg#selection-71.20-71.87 ]

On this day in 1882, Henry Ossian Flipper, the first African-American graduate of the U.S. Military Academy, was dismissed from the service for “conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman.” Flipper, born a slave in Georgia in 1856, was the fifth black accepted to West Point but the first to graduate, in 1877. He accepted a commission as a second lieutenant and joined the Tenth United States Cavalry. He was eventually made quartermaster at Fort Davis, but Col. William Rufus Shafter relieved him in 1881; Flipper believed he was the victim of persecution and is said to have been warned by civilians at the post of a plot by white officers to force him from the army. The following year, when he discovered post funds missing from his quarters, he attempted to conceal the loss until he could find or replace the money. When Shafter learned of the discrepancy, he immediately filed charges against Flipper. A court-martial acquitted Flipper of embezzlement but pronounced him guilty of “conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman.” He subsequently worked as a mining engineer in El Paso, Arizona, and Mexico, and later for the Department of the Interior in Washington, D.C. Flipper maintained his innocence until his death in 1940 and waged a lifelong battle for reinstatement in the army. In 1976, when a bust of him was unveiled at West Point, the Department of the Army granted Flipper an honorable discharge, dated June 30, 1882.

Who was Henry Ossian Flipper?

Henry Ossian Flipper An Officer and a Gentleman
Henry Ossian Flipper
An Officer and a Gentleman

FLIPPER, HENRY OSSIAN (1856–1940). Henry Ossian Flipper, engineer, the first black graduate of West Point, the eldest of five sons of Festus and Isabella Flipper, was born a slave at Thomasville, Georgia, on March 21, 1856. He attended school at the American Missionary Association, and in 1873, as a freshman at Atlanta University, he was appointed to the United States Military Academy. Although Flipper was the fifth black accepted to West Point, he was the first to graduate. At West Point he was often ostracized and had little social interaction with white cadets beyond official activities. He graduated fiftieth in a class of seventy-six on June 14, 1877, and accepted a commission as a second lieutenant. Flipper described his successful struggle against ostracism and prejudice in The Colored Cadet at West Point (1878). In January 1878 he was assigned to Company A of the Tenth United States Cavalry.

As an officer in the Tenth Cavalry, Flipper served at forts Elliott, Concho, Quitman, and Davis, Texas, and at Fort Sill, Indian Territory. He first reached Texas on his way to Fort Sill, where he supervised the drainage of malarial ponds. Flipper’s Ditch is now a national historic landmark. He later constructed a road from Gainesville to Fort Sill after a troop of the Fourth United States Cavalry got drunk and deserted the lieutenant assigned to do the job. Flipper also installed a telegraph line from Fort Elliott to Fort Supply, Indian Territory, scouted on the Llano Estacado, and assisted in the return of Quanah Parker’s band from Palo Duro Canyon to the Fort Sill reservation in the winter of 1878–79. During the Victorio campaign of 1880 he fought in two battles at Eagle Springs, Texas. For his service in the field Flipper was made acting assistant quartermaster, post quartermaster, and acting commissary of subsistence at Fort Davis, Jeff Davis County. The positions placed him in charge of the fort’s supplies and physical plant.

Flipper's Ditch - an engineering achievement to alleviate malaria in Oklahoma
Flipper’s Ditch – an engineering achievement to alleviate malaria in Oklahoma

When Col. William Rufus Shafter became commanding officer of Fort Davis in 1881, he immediately relieved Flipper as quartermaster and planned to relieve him as commissary as soon as he found a replacement. Flipper suspected what he later called a systematic plan of persecution, and is said to have been warned by civilians at the post of a plot by white officers to force him from the army. The following year, when he discovered post funds missing from his quarters, he attempted to conceal the loss until he could find or replace the money. When Shafter learned of the discrepancy, he immediately filed charges against him. A divided court-martial acquitted Flipper of charges of embezzlement but pronounced him guilty of “conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman.” He was dismissed from the service on June 30, 1882. (Accounts of the court-martial proceedings may be found in the San Antonio Express, November 2-December 14, 1881.) President Chester A. Arthur made a final confirmation of the verdict on June 24, 1882. Flipper maintained his innocence until his death and waged a lifelong battle for reinstatement in the army.

He went to El Paso after his dismissal and remained there until 1883, when he went to work as an assistant engineer for a surveying company composed of former Confederate officers. He assisted the company in surveying public lands in Mexico and helped run a boundary line between the states of Coahuila and Chihuahua in 1883. Between 1883 and 1891 he worked in Chihuahua and Sonora as a surveyor for several other American land companies. In 1887 he opened a civil and mining engineering office in Nogales, Arizona. In 1891 the community of Nogales employed Flipper to prepare the Nogales de Elias land grant case (1893), a dispute over title to the San Juan de las Boquillas y Nogales Mexican land grant in Cochise County, Arizona. Flipper served as the government’s only witness, and his testimony resulted in the grant’s being declared invalid. The ruling saved the property of hundreds of landowners. Flipper’s activity in the community led to his appointment as a special agent for the United States Court of Private Land Claims. In that position he worked on court materials, served as an expert on penmanship, and surveyed land grants in southern Arizona. In 1892, before the Nogales case, he compiled and translated Mining Law of the United States of Mexico and the Law on the Federal Property Tax on Mines. In 1895 the United States government published his translation of Spanish and Mexican Land Laws: New Spain and Mexico. Flipper also briefly edited the Nogales Sunday Herald and published articles in Old Santa Fe, which later became the New Mexico Historical Review. He became a member of the Association of Arizona Civil Engineers, the National Geographic Society, and the Southwest Society of the Archaeological Institute of America. He offered to serve in the Spanish-American War in 1898, but bills in the United States House of Representatives and in the Senate to restore his rank both died in committee. He served in the court of private land claims until 1901.

Beginning in 1901 Flipper spent eleven years in northern Mexico as an engineer and legal assistant to mining companies. He joined the Balvanera Mining Company in 1901 and remained as keeper of the company’s property when it folded in 1903. William C. Greene bought the company in 1905, renamed it the Gold-Silver Company, and placed Flipper in the legal department, where he handled land claims and sales and kept mining crews out of trouble with the local authorities. Greene, who had learned earlier of Flipper’s research on the Lost Tayopa Mine, sent him to Spain to do more investigation. The story of Flipper and the Lost Tayopa Mine appears in J. Frank Dobie’s Apache Gold and Yaqui Silver. In 1908 Albert B. Fall bought out William C. Greene to form the Sierra Mining Company and retained Flipper in the legal department. In 1912 Flipper moved to El Paso, and in 1913 he began supplying information on conditions in revolutionary Mexico to Senator Fall’s subcommittee on Mexican internal affairs. Flipper drew national attention when he was reported to be in league with Francisco (Pancho) Villa and denied the rumor in a letter to the Washington Eagle dated May 4, 1916. Flipper published an article, “Early History of El Paso,” and also reputedly wrote a pamphlet entitled Did a Negro Discover Arizona and New Mexico?, which concerned itself with Estevanico’s role in the Marcos de Niza expedition in 1539. In 1916 Flipper wrote a memoir of his life in the Southwest, which was published posthumously as Negro Frontiersman: The Western Memoirs of Henry O. Flipper (1963).

In 1919 Senator Fall called Flipper to Washington, D.C., as a translator and interpreter for his subcommittee. Upon his appointment as secretary of the interior in 1921, Fall appointed Flipper assistant to the secretary of the interior. In that position Flipper became involved with the Alaskan Engineering Commission. He served in the Department of the Interior until 1923, when he went to work as an engineer for William F. Buckley’s Pantepec Petroleum Company in Venezuela. In 1925 the Pantepec Petroleum Company published Flipper’s translation of Venezuela’s Law on Hydrocarbons and other Combustible Minerals.

Flipper worked in Venezuela until 1930 and retired in 1931. He lived out his life at the Atlanta home of his brother, Joseph S. Flipper, a bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Henry Flipper died of a heart attack on May 3, 1940. In December 1976, when a bust of him was unveiled at West Point, the Department of the Army granted Flipper an honorable discharge, dated June 30, 1882. Two years later his remains were removed from Atlanta and re-interred at Thomasville, Georgia. An annual West Point award in honor of Flipper is presented to the graduate who best exemplifies “the highest qualities of leadership, self-discipline, and perseverance in the face of unusual difficulties while a cadet.”

Rest In Peace, Henry
Rest In Peace, Henry

[burial marker in Georgia: http://www.jackhadleyblackhistorymuseum.com/images/facts/marker.large.jpg ]

Please join me in honoring one of America’s finest men in uniform: Henry Ossian Flipper, Christian, engineer, author, West Point graduate

John White

A Little Bit of Texas History – The Klan of Democrats

Once upon a time, following the Great Civil War to eliminate slavery from America, Democrats began forming Ku Klux Klan groups around the Great State of Texas.


The Klan of the Reconstruction era was not a single organization or even a loose confederation of local and state groups. Several different Klan-like organizations with different relationships to each other coexisted in various parts of the South; they included the Knights of the Red Hand, the Pale Faces, the White Brotherhood, the Constitutional Union Guards, and, in Texas, the Knights of the Rising Sun and the Knights of the White Camellia. Evidence that the Klan had spread to Texas was first noted in March 1868. At first the group’s activities consisted of parades, publications of cryptic newspaper notices, and midnight meetings at graveyards. Republican newspapers satirized these happenings, but by May, when the Klan began to resort to murder and acts of intimidation directed at freedmen and white Republicans, the light-hearted notices ended. [Source: TSHA – KU KLUX KLAN ]

The first Klan organized in Pulaski, Tennessee in mid-1866 as opposition to Republican rule. Who were the Republicans? They were freedmen (former slaves) and white men who settled in the south. Democrats called these white Republicans carpetbaggers and scalawags.  It was during this era of reconstruction that ‘radical’ Republican governments worked constructively to resolve legacy problems left over from the Civil War and the abolition of slavery.

Texas State Fair Attraction 1923
Texas State Fair Attraction 1923

Lynching – unlawful executions by hanging – was the preferred method of the Democrats to suppress political activities of African-Americans and to keep them off juries. Indictments by grand juries were rare, criminal convictions even rarer for the lynching of Republicans. All freedmen were Republicans.

The KKK was predominantly executing its terror in northeast and east Texas, from the Red River down to Houston, approximately twenty counties in all. Any freedman who became “uppity” became a target of the Klan.

Due to the economic stranglehold Democrats held in post-Civil War Texas, the party soon regained control of state government. Read about Reconstruction in Texas from the TSHA – RECONSTRUCTION.

The net effect of Democrats retaking control of Texas government was to remove “radical Republicans” from office.

Of the number of persons murdered by the Ku Klux Klan, approximately one-third were whites, 100% were Republicans.

So, how did the Democrat Party of Texas come to be the party of African-Americans and Hispanics? They did it through historical revisionism, an ongoing practice of the Democrat Party.

They who steal your history control your destiny.


Bloomberg’s Climate Change – Following Him is Truly Risky Business

June 28, 2014 – Rockwall, Texas

Facebook posting - June 28, 2014
Facebook posting – June 28, 2014

In the embedded video you can see below, he says, “We don’t know if Sandy, or any other single storm,was caused by climate change. But, we do know that the rising sea levels make this storm far worse than it would have been. And, New York City, like so many other cities, remain at high risk of extreme weather.

He goes on to say “storms like Sandy are likely to get more frequent and severe, if we fail to change course“.

Let’s Analyze

  • he doesn’t know if hurricanes like Sandy are caused by climate change – Check
  • he notes that sea levels are rising, nor does he know WHY sea levels are rising – Check
  • regardless the why’s and how’s, he says we must change course – Check

Who is Michael Bloomberg

Politically, he’s just about whatever you want him to be. Sometimes a Democrat, sometimes a Republican – whatever it takes to win an election. With a personal wealth estimated somewhere in the neighborhood of $34 billion, it’s not the money, it’s the power he wants and needs. His life story is a sad tale of hypocrisy and elitism. Read more about Michael Bloomberg from Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Bloomberg

Let’s Check Facts

Are sea levels rising? Yes.Let’s ask a second question: Why?

In fact, glaciers and polar ice caps are melting, but not because of increased CO2 concentration, but due to natural phenomena like subglacial volcanic activity below the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. At this point, you may be interested to know that if all Antarctic ice were to melt, sea levels would rise 60 feet.

Remember Nancy Pelosi’s field trip to Greenland, where she confirmed that, by golly, glaciers indeed melt. Yes, Nancy, that’s what they do: they melt and give us rivers, lakes, ponds, etc. Back from the ‘rabbit hunt’, yes, Greenland has elevated ice melt, but, here again, not due to CO2 in the atmosphere, but a terrestrial material called d-u-s-t. The says, “Samples of snow from Greenland in recent years favor the idea that dust is the main cause of the darkening“.

Another cause for climate change is found over in communist China where impoundment of water behind the Three Gorges Dam has caused our earth’s rotation to slow, thereby changing solar exposure to everything and everyone worldwide. But, you’re not going to talk the Chinese government into draining that swamp.


Is the globe undergoing climate change? Absolutely! Climate change is the norm, not the exception. Sea levels have risen and fallen since the beginning of time. It’s helpful to know that average sea level was over 390 feet lower than today during the last ice age, during which time, the Sahara Desert wasn’t a desert, but a lush, green tropical place. What we know today as a vast desert was heavily populated during the ice age.

Michael Bloomberg doesn’t really care about people. What is most important to him is controlling people, for  whom he obviously has great disdain. I close with wisdom from Chinese philosopher Confucius.

He Who Knows And Knows That He Knows Is A Wise Man - Follow Him; He Who Knows Not And Knows Not That He Knows Not Is A Fool - Shun Him”
He Who Knows And Knows That He Knows Is A Wise Man – Follow Him;
He Who Knows Not And Knows Not That He Knows Not Is A Fool – Shun Him”

Presidente Obama utiliza una crisis humana para implementar su estrategia Cloward-Piven

20 Junio 2014 [Versión Inglés – haz clic aquí]

Los legisladores demócratas dicen que los hijos de inmigrantes deben ser capaces de hacer un caso de asilo. Ellos ya saben que esto es la ley. Ellos abusan

¿Se puede confiar en este hombre?
¿Se puede confiar en este hombre?

de las circunstancias para obtener beneficios políticos. Nuestro presidente ha creado esta crisis y ahora finge trabajar para resolverlo. Él ha ordenado a los agentes de la patrulla fronteriza para liberar a los miembros de pandillas criminales conocidos. ¿La vida es difícil para los niños de América Central? Sí. Nada ha cambiado desde mi primera visita al país de El Salvador en 1986.

Obama está actuando de una estrategia – Cloward-Piven – que sobrecarga los sistemas de asistencia social administrados por los estados. Su estrategia se dará a conocer de esta manera: colocar todos los servicios sociales bajo control federal y establecer las normas laborales y salariales nacionales.

Antes de asumir la presidencia, Barack Obama se comprometió a “transformar fundamentalmente los Estados Unidos”.

Los encuestadores dicen que la popularidad del presidente se desvanece. ¿Le importa a Obama lo que la gente piensa de él? No. Está claro que el objetivo de este presidente es transformar a Estados Unidos en un país del tercer mundo. ¿Cuál es su motivo?

Su padre creció en Kenia, mientras que bajo el gobierno de Gran Bretaña. Kenia era una colonia británica. Obama considera los Estados Unidos de América un poder colonial – una nación imperialista.

Lectores demócratas no les gustará lo que ahora diré. Barack Obama es un comunista. Su objetivo es el control total de la gente.

Un amigo cubano muy querido me dijo que vio paralelismos entre Barack Obama y Fidel Castro. Él me dijo esto cuando visité su casa en Cuba en la primavera de 2009. Antes del año 1959, mi amigo era un hombre de negocios muy rico que ayudó a financiar la revolución de Castro. Aprendí cómo Fidel Castro expropió propiedad privada, y empobrecida a la nación entera. Ese amigo me dijo muy emocionalmente, “Ese amigo me dijo muy emocionalmente, “¡Tú tienes que advertir a tu gente!” Hoy, escribo para advertirte.

Todo lo que vemos que sucede ahora – decenas de miles de niños que pululan por nuestra frontera sur – es intencional. Pero, tú dices, “Él se preocupa por los niños, los soñadores.” Si eso fuera verdad, ¿por qué esperó hasta pocos meses antes de las elecciones generales de 2014?

Cuando este país se convierte en El Salvador, me pregunto: ¿A qué país huiremos?

Cuando los fundamentos son destruidos,
    ¿qué le queda al justo? – Salmo 11:3



President Obama uses this human crisis to implement his Cloward-Piven strategy

20 June 2014 [Versión Española – haz clic aquí]

Democrat lawmakers say immigrant children should be able to make a case for asylum. They already know that this is the law. They abuse circumstances for political gain. Our president has created this crisis and now pretends to work to resolve it. He has ordered border patrol agents to free members of known criminal gangs. Is life difficult for children of Central America? Yes. Nothing has changed since my first visit to the country of El Salvador in 1986.

Can you trust this man?
Can you trust this man?

Obama is acting on a strategy – Cloward-Piven – to overload the welfare systems administered by the states. His strategy will manifest in this way: place all social services under federal control and set national labor and wage standards.

Before assuming the presidency, Barack Obama promised to “fundamentally transform America”.

Pollsters say the president’s popularity fades. Does it matter to Obama what people think of him? No. It is clear that the objective of this president is to turn the U.S. into a third world country. What is his motive?

His father grew up in Kenya while under the rule of Great Britain. Kenya was a British colony. Obama considers the United States a colonial power – an imperialist nation. He hates all colonial powers, real and perceived.

Democrat readers will not like what I say now. Barack Obama is a communist. his objective is total control of the people.

A dear Cuban friend told me he saw parallels between Barack Obama and Fidel Castro. He told me this when I visited his home in Cuba in the spring of 2009. Prior to 1959, my friend was a very wealthy businessman who helped fund Castro’s revolution. I learned how Fidel Castro expropriated private property, and impoverished the entire nation. That friend said very emotionally, “You have to warn your people!” Today, I write to warn you.

Everything you see happening now – tens of thousands of children who swarm our southern border – is intentional. But, you say, “He cares about the kids, the dreamers.” If that were true, why did he wait until a few months before the general election in 2014?

When this country becomes like El Salvador, I wonder: To what country can we flee?

When the foundations are destroyed,
What can the righteous do? – Psalm 11:3

Rockwall.Conservative @ gmail.com

A Gun Shouldn’t Be Our First Choice – Learn To Be A Warrior

CARGO Rockwall meets every second Thursday of every month. On June 12 of this year, Jerry Howell of Arsenal Training Systems was our featured speaker.

Thank you, Jerry for an outstanding presentation.

Learn More About Arsenal Training Systems: http://www.arsenaltrainingsystems.com/
Learn More About Arsenal Training Systems: http://www.arsenaltrainingsystems.com/

Citizens Association for Responsible Gun Ownership is citizens serving citizens with knowledge and essential skills to be responsible gun owners.

Naturally, use of deadly force should be last on your list of self-defense measures. Arsenal Training Systems uses “the fires of physical combat training and fitness to mold the body; the waters of knowledge to quench the thirst of the mind; and the best of martial arts disciplines to sharpen the blade of the warrior spirit.  The Arsenal end product is a fit, confident leader that inspires those around them to pursue the total warrior in themselves.”

Arsenal Training Systems principally trains law enforcement officers, but is open to anyone who wishes to become a true warrior and refuses to be a victim.


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U.S. – Mexico Border – Immigration 101

All that you THINK you know about our southern border and what REALLY goes on there.

One Week at AZ Border: $27M in Drugs Seized, 2,500 Illegal Aliens Arrested
One Week at AZ Border: $27M in Drugs Seized, 2,500 Illegal Aliens Arrested

Lesson One: Tohono O’odham Native American reservation

This reservation is a nation within two: Mexico and the U.S.A. Tohono O’odham Indians freely criss-cross the international border through the “sacred gate” – no fence, no restrictions whatsoever. Learn more about these native Americans via this website: http://www.tonation-nsn.gov/ 

The video below, produced in 2013, vividly reveals difficulties in patrolling and controlling this unique patch of North America.

Lesson Two: US Ports of Entry Are Principal Gateways for International Terrorism

These were all legal immigrants and none came over our southern border
These were all legal immigrants and none came over our southern border

Lest recent history be lost to us, let’s keep in mind one simple fact of history: the 911 terrorists entered our country through U.S. airports, not through either Mexico or Canada. This is not to say people who wish us great harm cannot and do not enter through neighboring countries – they do.

All the people who have done us harm have walked right in bearing legitimate visas and valid passports.

Lesson Three: US-Mexico trade is vital to the communities along the southern border

Video: Mexico is California’s number one international trading partner.

Lesson Four: Border Fence – How Well Does It Work?

The one thing on which I ever agreed with Janet Napolitano was her statement about the effectiveness of a fence. She said, “You show me a 50-foot wall and I’ll show you a 51-foot ladder at the border. That’s the way the border works.” Let’s see if she was correct.

Video: Two young women climb the fence in 18 seconds


Lesson Five: From Where Do Illegal Immigrants Come and Why?

Few illegal immigrants are Mexican. Almost all hale from Central American countries, fleeing violence, extreme poverty and horrific crime.

To be continued…