President Obama uses this human crisis to implement his Cloward-Piven strategy

20 June 2014 [Versión Española – haz clic aquí]

Democrat lawmakers say immigrant children should be able to make a case for asylum. They already know that this is the law. They abuse circumstances for political gain. Our president has created this crisis and now pretends to work to resolve it. He has ordered border patrol agents to free members of known criminal gangs. Is life difficult for children of Central America? Yes. Nothing has changed since my first visit to the country of El Salvador in 1986.

Can you trust this man?
Can you trust this man?

Obama is acting on a strategy – Cloward-Piven – to overload the welfare systems administered by the states. His strategy will manifest in this way: place all social services under federal control and set national labor and wage standards.

Before assuming the presidency, Barack Obama promised to “fundamentally transform America”.

Pollsters say the president’s popularity fades. Does it matter to Obama what people think of him? No. It is clear that the objective of this president is to turn the U.S. into a third world country. What is his motive?

His father grew up in Kenya while under the rule of Great Britain. Kenya was a British colony. Obama considers the United States a colonial power – an imperialist nation. He hates all colonial powers, real and perceived.

Democrat readers will not like what I say now. Barack Obama is a communist. his objective is total control of the people.

A dear Cuban friend told me he saw parallels between Barack Obama and Fidel Castro. He told me this when I visited his home in Cuba in the spring of 2009. Prior to 1959, my friend was a very wealthy businessman who helped fund Castro’s revolution. I learned how Fidel Castro expropriated private property, and impoverished the entire nation. That friend said very emotionally, “You have to warn your people!” Today, I write to warn you.

Everything you see happening now – tens of thousands of children who swarm our southern border – is intentional. But, you say, “He cares about the kids, the dreamers.” If that were true, why did he wait until a few months before the general election in 2014?

When this country becomes like El Salvador, I wonder: To what country can we flee?

When the foundations are destroyed,
What can the righteous do? – Psalm 11:3

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