Bloomberg’s Climate Change – Following Him is Truly Risky Business

June 28, 2014 – Rockwall, Texas

Facebook posting - June 28, 2014
Facebook posting – June 28, 2014

In the embedded video you can see below, he says, “We don’t know if Sandy, or any other single storm,was caused by climate change. But, we do know that the rising sea levels make this storm far worse than it would have been. And, New York City, like so many other cities, remain at high risk of extreme weather.

He goes on to say “storms like Sandy are likely to get more frequent and severe, if we fail to change course“.

Let’s Analyze

  • he doesn’t know if hurricanes like Sandy are caused by climate change – Check
  • he notes that sea levels are rising, nor does he know WHY sea levels are rising – Check
  • regardless the why’s and how’s, he says we must change course – Check

Who is Michael Bloomberg

Politically, he’s just about whatever you want him to be. Sometimes a Democrat, sometimes a Republican – whatever it takes to win an election. With a personal wealth estimated somewhere in the neighborhood of $34 billion, it’s not the money, it’s the power he wants and needs. His life story is a sad tale of hypocrisy and elitism. Read more about Michael Bloomberg from Wikipedia:

Let’s Check Facts

Are sea levels rising? Yes.Let’s ask a second question: Why?

In fact, glaciers and polar ice caps are melting, but not because of increased CO2 concentration, but due to natural phenomena like subglacial volcanic activity below the West Antarctic Ice Sheet. At this point, you may be interested to know that if all Antarctic ice were to melt, sea levels would rise 60 feet.

Remember Nancy Pelosi’s field trip to Greenland, where she confirmed that, by golly, glaciers indeed melt. Yes, Nancy, that’s what they do: they melt and give us rivers, lakes, ponds, etc. Back from the ‘rabbit hunt’, yes, Greenland has elevated ice melt, but, here again, not due to CO2 in the atmosphere, but a terrestrial material called d-u-s-t. The says, “Samples of snow from Greenland in recent years favor the idea that dust is the main cause of the darkening“.

Another cause for climate change is found over in communist China where impoundment of water behind the Three Gorges Dam has caused our earth’s rotation to slow, thereby changing solar exposure to everything and everyone worldwide. But, you’re not going to talk the Chinese government into draining that swamp.


Is the globe undergoing climate change? Absolutely! Climate change is the norm, not the exception. Sea levels have risen and fallen since the beginning of time. It’s helpful to know that average sea level was over 390 feet lower than today during the last ice age, during which time, the Sahara Desert wasn’t a desert, but a lush, green tropical place. What we know today as a vast desert was heavily populated during the ice age.

Michael Bloomberg doesn’t really care about people. What is most important to him is controlling people, for  whom he obviously has great disdain. I close with wisdom from Chinese philosopher Confucius.

He Who Knows And Knows That He Knows Is A Wise Man - Follow Him; He Who Knows Not And Knows Not That He Knows Not Is A Fool - Shun Him”
He Who Knows And Knows That He Knows Is A Wise Man – Follow Him;
He Who Knows Not And Knows Not That He Knows Not Is A Fool – Shun Him”

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