Refugees? Indeed, They Are

Under the rule of law and under the administrations of Democrat and Republican presidents and Congress. Persons fleeing the dire poverty, hunger, crime and corruption of El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua have been classified and received in this country as LEGAL REFUGEES. Refugee Act of 1980 was reauthorized in 2002, years before Obama came to office. Why did Congress bring forth this law? For all the reasons I have been stating. I didn’t “invent” this law; it’s the law. So, all you demanding we follow the rule of law, I ask, “What’s your plan?” Are you so ready at the drop of a hat to become outlaws to the extent you violate the Supreme Law of the Land?

As for you ‘experts’ on Mexico, Central American nations are NOT Mexico. Mexico is doing quite well, thank you.

Okay, now I’m ready to hear, “But, I don’t care what the law says.” Go ahead. Who goes first?

For your reference: THE REFUGEE ACT of 1980

Also for your (legal) reading pleasure, a concise history of the region in question, if you truly want to craft an educated opinion:

Finally, also for your (legal) reading pleasure and edification, official U.S. Government policy on the matter of REFUGEES from the Central American countries affected: Temporary Protected Status

3 thoughts on “Refugees? Indeed, They Are

  1. If you look at the numbers, this sudden influx of “refugees” from El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua doesn’t pass the sniff test.

    Dire poverty, hunger, crime and corruption have existed in those countries for many years so why were they not refugees in past years?

    Either nobody from those countries made it to the US until now or those who did either did not ask for asylum or were denied it if they did.

    According to the government’s own records in the seven fiscal years from 2007 through 2011, a mere five Guatemalans and 25 Hondurans were granted refugee status in the United States. During that time, zero citizens of El Salvador or Mexico were granted refugee status despite increased violence in those countries in recent years.

    Suddenly they are refugees? This current “crises” smells like dead fish.

    1. With respect to refugee status, yes they are lawful refugees for whom we have due process.

      You would have to be able to read Spanish-language news to understand what’s happening down in Central America. Gangs have totally taken over every city, town and village. As soon as a kid turns 14, gangs demand they join or die.

      Parents have been desperate to save their children, but didn’t know what to do. It was Obama’s suggestion of “amnesty” that opened the floodgates.

      Obama owns the border crisis, because he is the instigator of the crisis.

      Meanwhile, we Republicans who claim to stand on the rule of law openly advocate to do otherwise.

      Chiefly, the problem I see is the difficulty Americans have in dividing issues.

      There are criminals, terrorist Muslims, Chinese immigrants, drug dealers and others taking advantage of the crisis, But, then there are innocent children who are lawfully refugees and entitled to Christian treatment and due process of law.

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