Hospes Eram – Thoughts on the Human Crisis at Our Southern Border

29 July 2014 AD


Thoughts on the human crisis on our southern border. and caring for the poor among us.

Why is our government caring for thousands of unaccompanied children? Why is our government feeding, clothing and diapering them? Is this the proper role of government?

Let’s ask a better question. Is it the proper role of government to run hospitals? The Parkland Hospital district comes to mind. Answer: no. Parkland Hospital is in debt to the tune of almost $800 million and Dallas County recently raised property taxes to increase funding to the hospital.

Well, how much did taxes go up in Dallas to pay for Baylor or Harris Methodist or Presbyterian hospitals? Not one cent. Amazing, isn’t it? Not only is the largest hospital, the best equipped hospital – Baylor – run by Christians, it doesn’t run on tax dollars.

Hospitals were invented by religious orders, churches. The word ‘hospital’ derives from Latin ‘hospes’, meaning ‘guest’ or ‘stranger’. Think of the words hospitality, hospice, hospitable, etc.

I say, no, it’s not the proper role of government to care for the poor and needy. But, government has increasingly been growing into these roles over time. Why? Could it be due to the church, the ‘called out ones’ not taking responsibility for these duties?

In Matthew 25:43 (Latin Vulgate), Jesus remarked “hospes eram et non collexistis me” – “I was a stranger and you took me not in”. Hospes eram: I was a stranger.

Our national enemies, including the seldom named culprit Satan, mean for the flood of humanity over our southern border to greatly harm us. We generally agree our own president ignited a massive northern migration through various unconstitutional acts like granting amnesty in 2012, promising amnesty in 2013 and 2014, and refusing to enforce the law.

I suggest the story of Joseph and his brothers, appropriately the last chapter of Genesis, verse 20, for consideration. Next, I suggest Romans 8:28. All things? Not just some things?

John White

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